New Nano Startup Scheme Launches in Kerala for Women Entrepreneurs

Nano Startup scheme in Kerala for Women Entrepreneurs 2020

The state government of Kerala has taken an initiative to empower the women of the state. The initiative is called ‘Nano Startup Scheme’. The women who are associated with IT sector and have aspiration for entrepreneurship require support. The state government curated a scheme that will empower the women with aspirations. The scheme is able to provide all kinds of help to the women who are eligible and about to venture into startup plan. The scheme also claims to provide an environment in which a woman can flourish both personally and professionally.

Nano Startup scheme in Kerala for women entrepreneurs

According to CEO of Kerala Startup Mission, Saji Gopinath, the government has launched a pilot project under which there will be training. But before that there will be content writing to evaluate the quality of the candidates. On January 27th the first batch already appeared for training under the scheme. According to the sources, there were 120 applicants for the scheme and the authority selected 20 women for the training. The training is based on quality testing, design, digital marketing and content developing for the respective product or service.

Coming to the training, the training has three distinct levels that will nurture their skills to manage an enterprise. The training also makes sure that the women can work from their convenient space; and according to that a constant evaluation has been done during the course of training.

The candidates were selected from the alumni association of Technopark. The scheme is platform that will give an opportunity to he women who can continue work due several compulsions. As the scheme is all set to provide second chance to the women, it is receiving enormous response from women. The response is making the government think to launch the scheme with bigger plan to empower women entrepreneurship. The CEO of Kerala Startup Mission also added that state government has allotted 10 crore rupees for the project.

Lastly, it can be said that the initiative taken by the state government of Kerala is commendable. There is a constant to make the women self-reliant for the sake of progress of the state. Due to the scheme it is believed that many women with technical knowledge will be able to start their own business. It is very important for a country to empower the women so that they can work with men shoulder to shoulder and felicitate the growth.

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