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NAREDCO Housing For All Portal Registration, Login for Home-buyers at, eligibility, documents

The Housing Ministry of Central government has come up with new portal launch relating to NAREDCO Housing. The main objective of the launch is to offer E-commerce facilities to the homebuyers. With latest technology facilities, the central government is trying their best to offer better user experience through this commerce platform. The buyers or builders have to register through the portal using suitable login credentials.

NAREDCO Housing For All Portal

NAREDCO Housing portal launch

Name of the portalAll E-Commerce Portal
Reason for portal launchHelp home buyers get access to property options
Portal will be launched byHousing Ministry of Central government
People benefitted from portal launchProperty buyers and sellers

Main features of portal launch –

Main objective of portal launch –

The main idea for portal launch is to help the developers showcase their projects.

Beneficiaries of portal –

The buyers who wish to invest for properties will be able to take correct decision through the dealings available on the portal

Portal has been launched by –

It has been launched by Housing Ministry of Central government for the help of homebuyers

The portal launch shall help in better growth of economy and boost the real estate projects. People can book the property of their choice in just rupees 25, 000 which is refundable.

Eligibility criteria

Residential details –

Only the Indian residents are eligible to register under the portal. 

Identification of candidates –

As identification, the candidate should offer suitable proof that will be scrutinized by higher authority.

Buyers and sellers –

Only serious property dealers are allowed to register under the portal for benefits.

Documents required –

Identification details

To register online on the portal, the candidates have to furnish documents like Aadhaar card, voter ID, ration card and the like

Sellers authentication details –

Only certified sellers of real estate projects are allowed to showcase their properties on the site

Home buyers

Only serious buyers are allowed in the site who is interested to invest for purchasing home. 

NAREDCO Housing For All Portal Online Registration / Login for Homebuyers

  • First, you have to visit the official portal relating to NAREDCO housing at click here.
  • Now, as the homepage shows up, you have to click on the ‘sign up as’ option that is available on the main menu.
  • Following this, you can click on ‘buyer’ link option
  • By clicking on the correct link, the online registration form shows up and here the applicants have to enter correct details.
  • After login to the profile, they can redirect and edit their profile and they can go through the property details.
  • After completion of the login, the applicants can get access to the home prize, location that is listed on HFA E-Commerce portal.

Benefits of Housing for All E-Commerce Platform

  • The flat buyers can look for their property through the E-commerce HFA portal
  • Through the portal, the buyers can compare the best price of the property and opt for the best deals.
  • In addition, the buyers can also get access to the list of room dimension, video tour of the properties, floor plans, external view of the property and the like
  • Through the facilities of the portal, the buyers can book the property of their choice, making a refundable payment of rupees 25, 000.
  • Every applicant who wish to look for property through the portal are eligible to opt for cash back guarantee offer on different property dealings. This indicates that the deposit that they are secured on the portal
  • In case the buyer changes his or her mind and wish to cancel the plan of buying the property, the money deposited cannot be refunded.
  • When any selected property is sold, the candidate is notified about the same

With all these precautions, the government is trying to maintain high level of transparency for both global and the domestic investors. Therefore, through successful launch of HousingForAll.Com, the candidates are trying to offer quality project experience to the customers. It also offers a platform to the home builders and they can come up with the option of finest property projects for the customers.

HFA E-Commerce Portal for Real Estate Sector

  1. The portal launched by central government shall help to maintain transparency in the real estate projects
  2. Only certified projects will be available on the portal and it indicates that the customers can be offered better experience
  3. Through this, the real estate sector will get an opportunity to progress helping the customers to take correct purchase decisions
  4. The portal is a kind of boost for the ‘digital India’ imitative along with ‘housing for all’ by the central government.

The portal helps to manage the information listed on the portal platform. It helps to boost the real estate sector.


Q: Who can apply online in NAREDCO Housing portal?

Ans: Buyers and sellers can apply through NAREDCO Housing portal

Q: What is the minimum amount to book properties online through NAREDCO portal?

Ans: The buyers can deposit rupees 25, 000 to boom properties and it is refundable.

Q: What is the main objective of NAREDCO portal launch?

Ans: Improve the overall real estate sector and offer better scope for sellers and buyers.

Q: What is the official portal of NAREDCO Housing?


Q: Can candidates get money back offer?

Ans: Yes, candidates can avail for money back guarantee 

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