NYAY Scheme | Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme (Nyuntam Aay Yojana)

NYAY Scheme – Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme (Nyuntam Aay Yojana) (Universal Basic Income) 2019-20 [Eligibility Criteria]

Rahul Gandhi has announced a scheme for the marginal people. The scheme is aimed to improve the financial condition of the poor family. He has decided to launch the scheme to improve the earning of the marginal people. According to Rahul Gandhi, with the implementation of the scheme 20% of the people will be benefitted. It is said that, the annual income of the family will be revised. Here is the detail of the scheme stated below.

nyuntam aay yojna

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeMinimum Income Guarantee (Nyuntam Aay Yojana)
Launched byRahul Gandhi
Amount of the annual income72,000 per annum
Target beneficiariesPoor families


Important features of the scheme

  • Objective of the scheme– The scheme aims at improving the financial condition of the families who belong to comparatively economically backward class. The scheme offers an amount of 12,000 INR per month and that will be 72,000 rupees per year. It is believed that the amount of money will help the destitute.
  • Target beneficiaries – According to the guidelines of the announced scheme, the project will support the poor of the country financially. If the scheme is implemented successfully then it will end the sufferings of the poor. The higher authority wants to eradicate the poverty from the country.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  • Residential proof– The scheme is only applicable for the citizens of the country. In order to avail the scheme, one has to produce the residential proof.
  • Age limit– The scheme is only applicable for a certain age limit decided by the higher authority.
  • Details of the earning– To avail the financial benefits of the scheme the applicants need to produce their documents of monthly income. It will help the higher authority to decide who will be eligible for the scheme. He eligible will get an amount of rupees 12,000 per month.

Essential documents for application

  • Residential proof – The documents that validates the citizenship of the country is required to produce to the authority. The authority will examine the documents in order to decide whether the applicant is eligible for the scheme.
  • Income certificate– The scheme is only applicable for the people from financial backward class. This is the reason the applicant needs to produce income certificate that ensures the family’s earning is pittance. The people with high rate of income are not eligible to avail the benefit of the scheme.
  • Bank details– If the candidate gets selected for the scheme then the money will be deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account. Therefore, the applicant needs to provide bank details while applying for the scheme.

It is said that, around 25 crore people are believed to be benefitted from this scheme. In order to make the scheme successful the authority needs to design an appropriate plan that will be suitable for the poor. According to the sources, Rahul Gandhi is trying to make the project successful in order improve the economic condition of the marginal people.

Application procedure

The authority has not declared any application process. The scheme has been promised by Rahul Gandhi and still in its nascent stage. The scheme is believed to be implemented after the Lok Sabha Election. According the authority, once the scheme is launched the beneficiaries will know the details of the application process.

According to the sources, this is the best scheme for the poor till date. The idea of the scheme is to improve the condition of the poor. It is possible that, with the successful implementation of the scheme, the higher authority will be able to eradicate poverty of the country.

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