Odisha KALIA Chhatra Bruti Scholarship Scheme Farmers’ Children 2020

Odisha KALIA Chhatra Bruti Scheme 2020
Scholarship For Children Of Farmers 
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The government of Odisha has already designed and implemented a financial support scheme for the development of poor and landless agricultural workers. The name of the new initiative is KALIA Scheme. Apart from a financial assistance of Rs. 10,000, government will pave the path for the development of other agro-based sectors. But now, the authority has turned its attention to the children of the beneficiaries as well. The new scholarship project has been named Kalia Chhatra Bruti Yojana.

This project will offer financial aid to those students who have the merit and desire higher academic degrees. In this article, you will gain information about the eligibility, documents necessary and facilities.

Odisha Kalia Chhatra Bruti Scheme

Name of the schemeKalia Chhatra Bruti Yojana
Launched inOdisha
Launched byNaveen Patnaik
Date of announcementFebruary 2019
Announcement venueKeonjhar district
Date of implantation2019 – 2020
Target beneficiariesMeritorious students of KALIA applicants

Key features of Kalia Chhatra Bruti Yojana

  1. Development for farmers’ children – The scheme draft highlights that only the meritorious children of the farmers, which are registered under the KALIA project, will attain the scholarship perks.
  2. Boosting education – Poor farmers often cannot arrange money to pay the fee for the higher education of their children. With the implementation of this scheme, the state government will take up the responsibility. Meritorious applicants, who want to pursue medical, engineering, research, law or other such academic fields, will get economic aid.
  3. Financial assistance – The Odisha government has not yet announced the amount of scholarship that will be offered to the selected applicants. But the amount will be substantial to meet the requirements.
  4. Total number of beneficiary – Reports suggest that the KALIA scheme will offer direct benefits to as many as 10 lakh farmers in the area. Thus, a similar number of eligible students will stand a chance to get the scholarship. The state government will inform the people about these aspects soon.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential criterion – As the scheme will be funded, implemented and monitored by the Odisha government, it is obvious that the interested applicants must have their residential certificates. Without this document, their applicants will not be deemed valid.
  2. Poor and marginal farmers – The students’ parents must fall in either small or marginal agricultural labor category. No other type of farmers’ children will be able to enroll for the scholarship.
  3. Educational certificate – As the scheme is for applicants who desire aid for higher education, applicants will have to submit copies of their mark sheets with the registration papers. They will also have to submit papers, which highlight their preferred higher education field.
  4. For children of Kalia beneficiaries – The project has specifically been designed for those students whose parents are registered under the Odisha KALIA Scheme. In case the farmers do not have this registration, their children will not get the scholarship.
  5. Merit based admission in college – It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that if the student has attained admission under some reservation quota, then he/she will not get the financial aid. The students will be selected if they cemented their place in the college on the basis of their merit.
  6. College admission papers – Applicants will have to submit the photocopy of the college admission papers. They will have to furnish such papers, which highlight that the admission has taken place on the basis of merit only.
  7. Government college applicants only – No matter what higher education the students is pursuing, he/she will only attain the scholarship if the college or institute is run by the State education department. Students of private colleges will not get this facility.

How to apply and get registration form Under Kalia Chhatra Bruti Yojana

The CM of Odisha has recently made the official announcement of this special scholarship initiative, targeted towards farmers’ kids. The project is still in its infancy. The CM also said that the authority us working to implement this scheme as soon as possible. For the time being, not much is known about the registration procedure and application form of the project. Once the Odisha government makes these announcements, you will get the details on this site.

Poverty and lack of facilities hamper the development of the children, born in the farmers’ homes. This forces the upcoming generation to follow their fathers’ footsteps. With the implementation of this scheme, the state government will be able to assist eligible and meritorious candidates to pick another path for themselves. Under this scheme, children who desire to enroll for higher education will attain financial and other supports from the state government.

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