Odisha CM declares Urban Wage Employment Initiative Scheme

Odisha CM declares Urban Wage Employment Initiative

Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha has come up with the idea of Urban Wage Employment. The main objective of the initiative is to offer financial help to the economically poor sections of the state. However, it would cover up the 114 municipality areas in Odisha. On account of this, the CM has declared a rupees 100 crores scheme to offer monetary help during this lockdown period. A total of 4.5 lakhs beneficiaries would be benefitted as a result of the scheme launch.

 Odisha CM declares Urban Wage Employment Initiative

Name of the initiative Urban Wage Employment
Target group of the scheme Economically weaker sections
Total beneficiary of the launch 4.5 lakhs
Beneficiary amount given for the scheme Rupees 100 crores
Scheme has been headed by Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha
Duration of the scheme April to September

What are the features of the scheme?

  • The Urban Wage Employment initiative has been implemented in collaboration with women of Mission Shakti.
  • The beneficiaries included in the scheme will get the beneficiary money directly credited in the linked bank accounts
  • The initiative will cover up some important projects like wastage removal, park renovation, renovating open spaces, plantation drives, beautification of town areas, constructing water bodies and the like.
  • Artists engaged in painting and the like work would be benefitted under the initiative declared by the CM.
  • The benefits offered by Odisha CM will cover up 114 municipalities.

However, benefits offered by the state CM shall ensure social distancing and fight for the spread of COVID-19. The financial help will benefit the poor sections to carry out their projects even during the lockdown. The labor-intensive scheme will be of immense help for the labors in the urban areas. The scheme has been launched in this crucial hour of the outbreak of the pandemic that is affected the lives of the poor wage laborers.  The increasing spread of COVIF-19 and lockdown can have severe impact on the life of daily wage workers. For this, the CM of the state is trying to help out the poor families and the ones belonging to the poverty below whose job and livelihood have been badly affected.

FAQs on Urban Wage Employment Initiative

  1. What is the main aim behind launch of Urban Wage Employment Initiative?

The main aim is to offer financial help to the wage laborers in the urban areas of Odisha.

  1. How many wage laborers will be benefitted under the initiative?

A total of 4.5 lakhs of wage laborers will be benefitted from the launch of the initiative.

  1. What is the time period for the scheme?

The duration of the initiative is for six months from April to September.

  1. Who will help the CM in implementation of the scheme?

Odisha CM will be assisted by women of Mission Shakti in successful implementation of the initiative.

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