One Nation One Card 2022- National common mobility card

One Nation One Card Scheme Yojana – National common mobility card [Online Apply, Banks list]

The other name of national common mobility card is ‘one nation one card.’ It has been released by PM Narendra Modi. By help of this card given by the government, the citizens will be able to travel easily via bus and other transports, online shopping, parking charges. In addition to this, money withdrawal is also possible via this card.

one nation one card

Details of introducing the card


Name of the card is

One nation one card National Common Mobility


Benefit of the cardIs that people will be able to pay in different transports 


Card launching dateisMatch 2019


Card has been launched byPM Narendra Modi


 What are the features of this development by PM?

  • With the help of this card, citizens will be able to pay for different transport charges. Apart from using the card for transportation purpose, the citizens can also withdraw money.
  • The introduction of this card by PM Narendra Modi has helped the country to progress. It need not rely on foreign technology.
  • This inter-country operation facility can be availed only by a few countries. New metro services inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi will be of immense help for the citizens of the country.

Benefits of One card one nation for citizens

  • The one card one nation would operate on RuPay card only. With the help of this card, the citizens need to have to face any travel related problems.
  • This card would help the citizens to easy pay travel expenses and get rid of the problem to give changes in cash. The system of one nation one card has been adopted by India from foreign countries.
  • To ease the fare collection system, automatic fare collection system has been introduced.
  • The card is prepared in such a way that it can be used only in one city. However, steps are taken in different government departments for proper implementation of card launch.
  • The NCMC card can be used in online shopping platforms where debit card and credit cards can be used.
  • The value stored in the card can also be used for offline transactions.
  • A service area feature will be installed in the card through which citizens will be able to get specific benefits such as monthly card facility, season tickets and others.

How the Automatic Fare Collection System or AFC has been affected by the introduction of NCMC?

One of the major challenges with NCMC is its effective implementation. The AFC system has been installed in metro destinations, and this system has been adopted from foreign countries. Therefore, this NCMC can be considered as part of Make In India Initiative.

Therefore, by proper use of this card, it will be helpful for the citizen of the country. Also, it would ensure a seamless travelling experience for the citizens. In addition to this, citizens will be able to easily access retail shopping and make other purchase with the help of this card.   

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