Online Booking, Home Delivery of Liquor in Tamil Nadu at

Online Booking and Home Delivery of Liquor in Tamil Nadu

Reports suggest that a massive number of residents in Tamil Nadu consume alcohol regularly. The closure of the liquor shops during the lockdown cut off the supply of alcohol. Depression, anxiety, financial insecurities, along with the scarcity of liquor, fueled their irritation. It paved the path for the increase in domestic violence. The ban on the sale of liquor, during the lockdown also reduced the government revenue. Thus, the central government allowed gave a directive that allowed the reopening of the liquor stores. However, the common people were unable to stick to the social distancing rules. Thus, the Tamil Nadu High Court ordered the closure of all liquor stores. The state government has developed an app and a portal for Online Booking and Home Delivery of Liquor.

Online Booking and Home Delivery of Liquor in Tamil Nadu
Name of the portalOnline Booking and Home Delivery of Liquor Portal
Launched inTamil Nadu
Launched byEdappadi K. Palaniswami
Date of announcement11th May 2020
Date of implementationSoon
Target beneficiariesPeople who want to purchase liquor
Liquor booking modeWebsite-based or app-based
Scheme monitoring departmentTamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation
Supervised byGovernment of Tamil Nadu
Booking appWill be launched soon

Key features of the website

Maintain social distancing norms

The Tamil Nadu government was forced to close the stores, as people were not following the social distancing guidelines. It increased the chances of Coronavirus spread in the community. The online booking and home delivery of liquor will prevent these issues.

Number of stores

The draft highlights that the residents of the state will be able to order wine, beer, and other liquors more than 5300 registered shops.

Online booking of liquor

The website and the app will make it easy for the interested customers to order liquor. It is quick and paperless as well.

Home delivery of liquor

Apart from liquor booking, the applicants will obtain the facility of getting the liquor at their door steps, for no extra charges.

Online payment gateways

Paying for the liquor through online payment gateways is another advantage.

Eligibility for registration

Residents of the state

The website and the app will allow the residents of the state to book liquor online.

Age requirement

During the last announcement, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu said that only those customers, who are above the age of 21 years, will be able to log in on the portal or app, and book the liquor.

Details documentation for registration

  1. Registered mobile number of the person
  2. Full name
  3. Full address where the liquor needs to be delivered
  4. Pin code
  5. Age proof
  6. Registered e-mail ID
  7. Aadhar Card for verification

How to register via the portal?

The Tamil Nadu government has already mentioned that the authority is taking the necessary measures to start the home delivery of liquor as soon as possible. It has also launched a portal for online booking of the liquor. One can reach the website by clicking on the link However, the site is yet to become fully functional. The applicants can log in on the website, and fill in the registration form to book liquor easily. After the confirmation of the booking, the liquor will be sent to the registered address. The state government has not yet released the details of the portal-based registration process. Once the official announcement is made, we will offer the complete details on our portal.

How to register via the mobile app?

Online portal

The state government is yet to launch a mobile app for aiding the online booking of liquor. Interested customer can download the app from the official website, i.e., when it becomes operational.

Downloading the app

It is expected that the app will be made available on Google Play Store as well. The mobile user can type in the name of the app, and click on the “download option.

App installation

After the app has been downloaded, the mobile user must click on the “Install” button.


Once the installation is complete, the applicant must type in the registered mobile number and Aadhar Code for registration and verification.

App activation – After the completion of the registration process, the mobile user can activate the app.

App-based booking

The candidate can check out the current prices of the liquor. Apart from this, he/she can book the liquor through the app.

Highlight the address

Once the booking is complete, the customer must type in the address, and confirm the order. For this, the person must click on the “Submit” button.

Home delivery details

The app will produce a booking receipt, and highlight the estimated date and time of home delivery of liquor.

FAQ about the scheme

Is there any restriction on the amount of liquor that one can purchase?

Ans: Yes. The Tamil Nadu government has mentioned that each person will be able to book two bottles of liquor, each containing 750 ml of liquor.

Is it necessary to provide Aadhar Card details?

Ans: Yes. The submission of the Aadhar Card will enable the respective department to verify the age and residential details of the customer.

What are the payment options?

Ans: The customer can pay for the purchased liquor with cash, during the delivery. Another payment mode is via online gateways like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and BHIM apps.

Are all zones included in this scheme?

Ans: The state government mentioned that people, living in the green and orange zones will receive the home delivery of liquor. Such deliveries will not be done in the red zones. The containment zones, irrespective of their location, will not receive the home delivery of liquor facility.

The entire nation is trying to contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Tamil Nadu government has launched several welfare schemes for the poor, to sustain them during the lockdown. The government had reopened the liquor stores to bring in substantial revenue in the state coffers. However, lack of order, among the customers, forced the Tamil Nadu authority to close the liquor stores. The launch of the new portal and app will enable the state government to earn huge revenue, and maintain order easily.

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