Jagan’s Mass Contact Programme Pallebata in Andhra Pradesh from 1st Feb

Jagan’s Mass Contact Programme Pallebata in Andhra Pradesh

Government strategists highlight that the state authority must maintain constant contact with the common people. It not only bridges the gap, but allows the government officials to realize the ground realities. The Andhra Pradesh government, under the leadership of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been implementing welfare schemes for the residents since he came to power. However, the driven Chief Minister has been unable to keep in touch with the people.

Pallebata Mass Contact Program in Andhra Pradesh

He stresses on the importance of communicating with the state inhabitants. In this regard, the Reddy has announced that he will be visiting the villages of the state, with the aim of developing contact with the common people. The Pallebata Mass Contact Program will be set in motion from the 1st of February, 2020.

Some of the popular schemes, which have been implemented in the recent times, are Rythu Bharosa Scheme, and developmental programs for self-help groups run by women. Apart from this, the state government will also provide financial assistance to auto and taxi driver. Additionally, students will be given grant under the Amma Vodi Scheme. A whopping budget of Rs. 6500 crore has been allocated by the state government. The medical insurance scheme has also been revamped.

The Andhra Pradesh government has announced that the capital of the state will be shifted. It has triggered the people living in the area to organize protests against this decision. Villagers, from 29 rural areas have also participated in this protest. However, the Chief Minister has included these villages in the program.

He wants to pacify the protesters and highlight the good that will come from the government decision. Under the Pallebata Mass Contact Program, the Chief Minister will interact with the common people. They can talk about the issues they face. Reddy will use this opportunity to disseminate information about the various developmental projects, which have been implemented by the government.

Jagan Mohan Reddy will be visiting as many villages as possible after the implementation of the program. He is hopeful that the meetings will yield more results. The state official will be able to gather information about any loopholes in the benefits distribution process. These details will be analyzed, and corrective measures will be taken as soon as possible.

The Mass Contact Program is a vital tool for propaganda. Interacting with the common people of the state helps them to understand that the government is working for their betterment. It cements support for the political party. Additionally, the common people can talk to the Chief Minister directly. The meetings will be scheduled, and the government officials will announced the date and venue details soon.

The success of any political party depends on public support. If the party and the government official fail to mingle with the people, belonging to the grassroots level, they will fail to understand the needs of the commoners. The implementation of the Pallebata Mass Contact Program is a comprehensive step, taken by the present Andhra Pradesh government to eliminate these chances. The future success and stability of the state government depends on the public verdict.

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