AP Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme [Free Smartphone to SHGs Women]

Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2019-20 
10,000 cash & free smartphone to SHG under DWCRA (Women)
[Form, Eligibility, Documents, Beneficiary List]  

The Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme has been launched in the state of Andhra Pradesh. According to the news, it will get implemented from the first half of next month, i.e., February. The primary motto of the scheme is to ensure the women under SHGs (self-help groups) to get maximum benefits and live a more healthy life on the financial front. To know more about the scheme, keep reading on.

Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme In Andhra Pradesh (1)

Name of the SchemePasupu Kumkuma Scheme
Place of LaunchAndhra Pradesh
Scheme Launched byN. Chandrababu Naidu
Date of UnveilJanuary 25, 2019
Venue of the AnnouncementAmaravati, Kadapa, and Visakhapatnam
To be Implemented fromFebruary 2019 (The coming month)
Targeted beneficiariesThe women who are registered with DWCRA and SHGs groups
Supervised byThe women and children development in the rural areas
Payment 10000rs

Key Benefits of Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme

  1. It is a better opportunity for people of DWCRA and SHGs groups – The scheme is implemented for the betterment of the needy women as well as poor. It happens to be a better opportunity for individuals associated with the state’s State-Help groups (or SHGs). It is also beneficial for the people associated with the DWCRA group.
  2. Women Development – The main objective of the government of Andhra Pradesh is to ensure that the development of women is taken forward in the state with benefits and opportunities for gaining women’s financial independence.
  3. It also serves financial assistance for the females – Under the Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme; the eligible candidates will reportedly get a total of Rs. 10000 from the government of Andhra Pradesh.
  4. Accessing the respective smartphones – Besides the financial granting of women’s independence, the scheme is set to benefit the applicants for accessing to the smartphones. The state government is reported to offer smartphones to each of the applicants and will help the women become more tech-savvy.
  5. A Large Number of Beneficiaries – As per evidence, it has been suggested that about 93 lakhs of eligible women will be falling under the benefits of Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme.
  6. The budget for the implementation – According to the state government of Andhra Pradesh, it has been announced that the government will spend about Rs. 9400 crore in order to ensure the scheme to be implemented properly. While the state government doesn’t have access to funds, it has already promised that it will borrow the money from the Central Government. The state government will also ensure the scheme’s proper success.

Payments in Installments

According to the scheme draft, it has been highlighted that the specified funds will be offered in three different installments. While the first installment is set to get issued within the first couple of days, the other will be offered in the consecutive months upon the completion of the first installment. Under the benefits of the first installment, the beneficiaries will get a total of 2500. While the second installment will get issued in the closure of the second month or beginning of March, the beneficiaries will get Rs. 3500 from the government. The final installmentwill be received in the month of April in 2019. Mentioned below is the tabular format of the payment installments.

Serial NumberAmountDates of the Cheques DistributionInstallments
12, 500February 2, 2019Installment 1
23, 500March 8, 2019Installment 2
34, 000April 5, 2019Installment 3

Eligibility Criteria for Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme

Candidates must be associated with SHG – If the candidate is not registered or associated with the Self-Help Group in AP, then she isn’t eligible for the benefits of this particular scheme.

Required qualification –The primary eligibility criteria for the women to be a part of this scheme is to hold the necessary residential qualification. Women who aren’t legal residents of the state aren’t eligible for the scheme. In addition to that, the applicant has to have the required residential documentations.

The SHG certificates – The ones who don’t own SHG certifications aren’t eligible for the Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme. The groups offer some documents that ensure the women to be a part of the group. If the women don’t have those documents, then they would not be able to get the benefits of this scheme.

Personal IDs – The applicants must also have photocopies of voter card, Aadhar card, and ration card. This will allow them to fill the registration form of the Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme and be a part of the scheme to get the benefits.

Applying Process of Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme

The state government of Andhra Pradesh hasn’t yet received the application form of this particular scheme, as the scheme is very much new.The scheme is apparently associated with the self-help groups. Hence, it is presumed that the enrolment of the scheme will occur through the organization. Once the government gives the enrolment details, you will be informed immediately. As of now, applicants might keep an eye on the Internet for further news on this front.

Upon the successful implementation of the Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme, the women of Andhra Pradesh will be availed with better opportunities to become technologically advanced in the future. As of now, one can keep watching this space for further news on the enrollment procedure of the scheme.

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