PIK Vima Yojana in Maharashtra 2021

PIK Vima Yojana in Maharashtra 2020 (Online Registration form, Eligibility, Farmer beneficiary List, check status, Nuksan Bharpai)

For the Maharashtra state’s farmers, the Maharashtra government has appeared with PIK Vima Yojana for this year 2020 to protect the financial needs of the farmers. Here, you will get to know about some specification of this Yojana. Here, you will learn about the specs, such as eligibility criteria, the application process, benefit, and all of the other details about the Scheme. 

PIK Vima Yojana Maharashtra

PIK Vima Yojana 2020

The central government has risen with the PIK Vima Yojana to provide insurance to the farmers. They no longer have to bother about the destruction of their crops because of natural calamities such as floods or drought. The Maharashtra state farmers will be provided by some incentives or compensation plans so that they will have enough funds for the survival and to live a good life if there will be any casualty to their crops. The Scheme will prove to be the most significant investment in terms of the farmers’ financial ability.

Benefits Of The PIK Vima Yojana

There are several advantages of the PIK Nuksan Bharpai as announced openly by the Prime Minister of our country. Also, through the performance of the Scheme by the Maharashtra government, many encouragements will be provided to the agriculturalist of the Maharashtra state. Across this incentive, the financial Income of growers will expand so that they will not be apt to attempt any unfair decision regarding life because of the casualty of their crops due to natural disasters or any human-made disasters. This Scheme is assumed to be an escape of the farmers of Maharashtra state if their plants are dead. Also, through this Scheme, several new and technologically advanced techniques of agriculture will educate the farmers.

Amount Of Compensation

The allowance amount for different casualties are as follows in the following list:-

● If a farmer dies because of the animal attack of any type, then Rs 8 lacs will be capitalized as compensation.

● If the farmers wounded because of animal attacks of anyway, then Rs 15000 will be reimbursed.

● If the crops of a farmer have demolished because of any animal attack, then 50% or 40% rupees will be given as reimbursement.

● The Crop of sugarcane is razed then Rs 800 per meter ton will be given as compensation.

● If a coconut tree is eliminated, then Rs 4800 will be given as reimbursement.

● If a supari crop has eradicated, then Rs 2800 will be given as payment.

● If a mango tree has destroyed, then Rs 36000 will be furnished as compensation.

Eligibility Criteria

For eligibility of this Scheme, you require to follow the different eligibility criteria.

Only for farmers :

The main objective of this scheme is to help farmers throughout the country by providing them with funds and other compensation plans.

Citizenship –

He/she must be a citizen of Maharashtra state.

Below poverty line :

He/she must belong to below the poverty line faction.

Age :

No age restrictions for this Scheme.

Income criteria :

Income should be as per the farming action.

Documents Required

The several documents are required for the application of Insurance Scheme:-

● Passport size photograph

● Aadhar card

● PAN card

● Voter ID card

● Domicile certificate of Maharashtra

● Income certificate

● Bank details

Land documents

● Kisan passbook

How to apply for PIK Nukskan Bharpai Yojana

For the application of the PIK Vima Yojana, you require to follow the simple steps given below:-

● Go to the official website given here

● On the homepage of the site, click on the PIK Vima Yojana

● Click on the application form link

● The application form will display on your screen.

● Fill up the application form of the Scheme

● Upload all the required documents

● Submit the application form 

Beneficiary List of PIK Vima Yojana

To review the beneficiary list of the Scheme, you need to discern the simple steps given below:-

Go to the official website of govt. And then go to the “Pradhan Mantri PikVima Yojana Beneficiary list” option, which is available there. Now, check the beneficiary list links and check your name on the list.


Q: What will happen if the beneficiary gives incorrect declaration for the implementation of the Scheme?

 Ans: In case of incorrect declaration, the beneficiary shall be liable for recovery of  transferred financial benefit and other penal actions as per law.

Q: Is an income tax payee farmer or his /her spouse eligible to get the benefit under the Scheme?

Ans: No. if any member of the family is income tax payee in the last assessment year, then the family is not eligible for benefit under the Scheme.

Q: Does any person/farmer who is not having a landholding in his name is eligible to get benefits under the Scheme? 

Ans: No. The landholding is the sole criteria to avail financial benefit under Income Support Scheme.

Q: Will be a monetary benefit under the Scheme be directly credited into beneficiary accounts? 

Ans: The income support benefit will also be directly credited into bank accounts of beneficiaries.

Q: Whether it is compulsory for beneficiaries to give their bank account details?

Ans: Yes, the beneficiaries are required to provide their bank account details with Aadhaar number to credit the financial benefit under the Scheme directly into their bank accounts. No allowance can be given if bank account details have not been provided.

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