Play little Study little Scheme in Tripura 2021 | Tripura Ektu Khelo Ektu Padho Scheme

Tripura comes with ‘Play little Study little’ scheme 2020

There is great uncertainty of opening of the educational institutes due to the extended nationwide lockdown for COVID-19. In this situation, the Tripura government has come up with the initiative of ‘Ektu Khelo, Ektu Padho’ scheme. It means, ‘Play Little, Study Little.’ The school students are the target group of the scheme launch. Through this, it can motivate the students for the exchange of education as well as fun activities. Read on to know more about the entitled scheme.

Play little Study little scheme Tripura

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemePlay little Study little
Target group of the schemeChildren unable to attend school due to COVID-19
Main focus of schemeOffer educational facilities via video and audio content to school students
Initiative of the scheme taken byEducation state headquarter will provide academic content to headmasters
Benefits of the schemeHeadmasters will offer educational content to the students

Features of the scheme

Main objective of the scheme –

The main idea of the scheme is to offer educational content to students through a parent’s smartphone. The lessons will be sent daily so that they can carry on with their education despite lockdown. This shall continue until the school reopens.

Target group of the scheme –

The target group of the scheme is the school kids who are unable to attend school due to the lockdown for the pandemic. It should help the students to invest time in studies.

Benefits offered by scheme –

Students can be engaged in education from home as the reopening of the schools is uncertain on the grounds of COVID-19. Educational projects and fun activities will be included in this scheme that will be sent to the students.

Initiative taken by higher authorities –

The education state headquarters will be responsible for sending the content to academic coordinators. The coordinators, in turn, shall send the material to school headmasters who will hand it over to the teachers. It will be sent to the parents to help their wards.

Facilities of online classes –

After the lockdown, the online courses are offered through social media platform and TV channels for the convenience of the students. But some could not attend the same due to poor internet connectivity issues.

Total beneficiaries to be covered for the scheme –

In Tripura, there is a total of 4398 government and aided schools along with 335 private ones that are included to avail of the scheme benefits.

Residential details –

As the Tripura government has initiated the scheme, only the students of the state are eligible to get the scheme benefits.


What is the benefit of the scheme?

The main benefit of the scheme is to offer educational guidance and help students stay engaged in studying even during the lockdown phases.

Who are the target group under the scheme?

School students whose studies are hampered due to the nationwide lockdown are the target ones. Through the spread of the academic content, it shall help them stay connected with teachers and invest more time in studies.

How can the students get access to academic content?

The headmaster will get the materials from academic coordinators. The headmasters will give it to the teachers to be forwarded to the parents of the wards.

Who can avail of the benefit of the scheme?

All government aid and private school students in Tripura are eligible to avail of the scheme benefits.

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