PM Modi 1 BHK Rental Housing Scheme 2019-20

PM Modi 1 BHK Rental Housing Scheme 2019-20 (Planned) [PMAY, Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Application Form Online Portal, Name List, Status Check, Apply, Houses On rent]

The PM Modi 1BHK Rental Housing Scheme has been launched by the central government aiming to improve the condition of the economically backward families. The government is going to start this scheme by giving rented houses to families,, and this has been jointly done with Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The scheme will be implemented by a joint collaboration of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) and the Ministry of Labour together will implement the scheme. However, to get benefits under the scheme, the families can apply both via the online and offline mode.  

PM Modi 1BHK Rental Housing Scheme PMAY

PM Modi 1BHK Rental Housing Scheme

Name of the schemePM Modi 1BHK Rental Housing Scheme
Main aim of scheme To provide housing facility to poor families
Scheme has been launched by Central government 
Target beneficiaries of the schemePeople of economically weaker sections

Main objective of launching the scheme

By effective implementation of the scheme, the government is planning to deal with two major issues that are prevailing in the country. The issues are detailed as below.

  1. Due to the growing settlement of people in the slum area, the scheme would be helpful. In the slum area, even there is a lack of basic necessities like electricity, water, toilet facilities, and the like.
  2. After launching of the scheme, the lower income group of the society would get the inspiration of living in ‘pucca’ houses that would provide basic needs suchas toilets facilities, electricity and others.

However, after implementation of PM Modi 1 BHK House Rent Scheme, high buildings with 1 room flats will be constructed, and the poor families will be given the facilities to live in the flats on rent. For proper implementation of the scheme, labor cess capital would be used in the scheme as the initial source of funding. 

Details of scheme implementation

  • The central government is planning to run the scheme with the help of a voucher system. The value of the voucher will be given by the urban local bodies to the eligible families as per the rules of the scheme. The families have to produce the voucher at the time of opting for the rented houses.
  • The government is also planning to initiate direct voucher transfer in the above-said scheme. This shall help in easy implementation of the scheme that would, in turn, help the poor families.
  • According to the census report, near about 27.5% of urban dwellers were living in rented houses during 2011. Therefore, this scheme will help people who are living on rent.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

Income limit

For the benefits of the above-said scheme, poor families should have an annual income of less than rupees 3 lakhs.

Target group

The scheme has been aimed for the poor laborer families as they do not have enough money to build their own houses. They migrate to new cities in search of work and end up staying in the slums.

So, by proper implementation of the scheme, the central government is trying to improve the condition the laborer lives.

Online registration of PM Modi 1 BHK House Rent Scheme

  • The flats will be given on rent to families who have an annual income of rupees 3 lakhs o more. However, at the time of registration, individuals have to produce relevant documents such as income certificate to justify the claim about their annual income limit.
  • Depending on the income limit, the poor families will be linked with the urban local bodies so that they can get the benefits under the scheme.
  • Following this, each family will get rent vouchers that will be given to them by the government. This will be required to produce the vouchers when they opt for rents in the flats.
  • If the landlord is a private developer, the poor families can get the rented flats in any citizen service bureau they wish to.

Therefore, as per the instructions of the scheme, the private sector companies will be encouraged to construct houses relating to the above-said housing scheme. So, this shall help the poor families to live in rented flats and live a life of dignity and peace.

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