PM Matritva Vandana Yojana [PMMVY] 2021 | [Pregnancy Aid] Maternity Benefit Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Matritva (Matru) Vandana Yojana [PMMVY] 2020 
[Pregnancy Aid] Maternity Benefit Scheme
[Online Application Form, Eligibility, Documents, Claim Process, Helpline Number]

Pregnancy awareness is also growing in the rural and backward areas in the nation. Lack of institutional delivery, inadequate medicinal support and improper diet leads to high pregnancy and infantile deaths. But the Modi government is all set to change the situation with the launch and implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana or Maternity Benefit Scheme. With the implementation of this scheme, rural expecting mothers will not have to worry about poor nutrition and medical facilities.

Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana
Name of the schemePradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana[pregnancy aid scheme]
Short form of the schemePMMVY 
Announcement of the scheme2016
Official launch of the scheme2017
Launched byNarendra Modi
Supervising departmentWomen And Child Development Department
Official portal
Benefits it offersFinancial assistance for pregnant women
Total amountRs. 6000
Prior SchemeIndira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY)
Helpline Toll free number011-23386423

Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana 2019

  1. The primary objective behind the implementation of this scheme was to aid in the wellbeing and health maintenance of pregnant women.
  2. Another aim of the central government is to lower the percentage of abortions, and still child birth. This scheme will also pave the path for the removal of these evils from the society.
  3. There are many rural as well as urban areas in the nation, where pregnant women opt for crude delivery methods over the institutional process. Traditional domestic child birth process can prove to be fatal for the mother or child or both. Thus, the implementation of this scheme has been done to raise the awareness among families about the perks of institutional child birth.
  4. Apart from the Rs. 6000 aid, all pregnant women will also attain proper nutritious food. This will strengthen their immunity and health. Along with this, they will also attain medical information to avoid any unwanted infections.
  5. Both expecting mothers and their newborns will attain medical attention. Some necessary vaccinations for the pregnant mother and newborn babies will be provided under this scheme as well.

Matritva Vandana Yojana Benefits

Development of mothers’ and child’s health –

Much needs to be done for the betterment of health care facilities, targeted towards the pregnant women and newborn babies. Under this scheme, such facilities will be ensured with financial aid from the central government.

Financial amount offered –

Under this unique mother and child health development scheme, each applicant will receive as much as Rs. 6000 from the central government.

Payment in installments –

The main pregnancy-related financial assistance will be given to the eligible applicants in three separate installments. The first installment will be of Rs. 1000 and second and third installments will be of Rs. 2000 each.

Grant for institutional birth –

There is a special perk for women who opt for hospitals or health care centers for the final delivery. A part of the scheme is to popularize the institutional child birth method. All expecting women, who give birth in a health care institute, will receive Rs. 1000 under this program.

Amount and Phase Of Details of PMMVY

Phase numberEligibility for applicationNecessary documents requiredAmount offered by the government
        Phase IThe applicant must fill in the enrollment form before the completion of 150 days, starting immediately after her last menstruationApplication 1A A copy of the MCP pass Identification documents of the pregnant woman Details of the bank account        Rs. 1000
      Phase IIApplicants will have to get ultra-sound pregnancy tests done. The application must be filled in before the completion of 180 days of pregnancy conformationApplication 1B A photocopy of the updated MCP card      Rs. 2000
        Phase IIIIt must be done after the institutional birth of the child. Necessary vaccinations, till the six months must be completed by the parents. After this, they can opt for 3rd phase enrollmentApplication 1C Updated MCP pass of the applicant Birth certificate of the infant Proper papers of hepatitis B and OPV vaccinations.        Rs. 2000
  1. Before the implementation of this scheme, the central government has a similar scheme for providing financial grant to expecting women. The name of this scheme was Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY). The authority announced that all applicants who had registered under this scheme, and has received the first payment, will stand a chance to get the third installment under PMMVY.
  2. Under unfortunate circumstances, the newborn may not survive more than the specified six month period. In that case, mothers will be able to fill in Form 1C and get the final monetary installment aid.
  3. The central government will monitor and verify all claims. If the officers figure out that an applicant has submitted fake details to amass the aid, then legal action will be taken against them.
  4. Some applicants may register for the scheme in one area, but move to a different location for the child birth. In that case, applicants must carry all scheme related papers, Aadhar card and the MCP card to support their claims.
  5. If a woman gives birth to more twins or triplets at the same time, then the central government will issue all specified monetary transfers. But the woman will be barred from registering for the next pregnancy.
  6. Candidates who have not mentioned the LMP date in the pregnancy documents will not attain the first two payment installments. However, they will attain the final payment, as specified under the program.
  7. In case the LMP date of an applicant is before 1st April, 2016, her registration will be scrapped by the authority.
  8. Only government hospitals issue the MCP cards to pregnant women. If applicants desire to attain the full financial aid, then they must get admission in a government-run hospital for the child birth procedure. Without this and the MCP pass, they will not get the money.

Eligibility criteria for Pregnancy Aid Scheme

For Indian citizens

The central government has designed and implemented the scheme for the betterment of pregnant women. Thus, women from all parts of the country will get the benefits, as long as they are legal citizens of India.

Date of conception

Only those applicants will be able to enroll for the financial benefits who have conceived the child after 1st January 2017.

Not for government employees

Both central and state governments have separate maternity plans for their female employees. If the applicant is in the government sector payroll, then she will not be able to apply for the PMMVY.

Possession of MCP and LMP

It is mentioned in the scheme draft that if the applicants don’t have their MCP cards, they will not be able to attain the financial aid. Apart from this, applicant must register their LMP date as well to get the full benefit.

Application and Claim Process for Pregnancy Aid Scheme

  1. Applicants will have to fill in and submit three separate forms to get the separate installments in their bank accounts. One can attain these application forms online as well as offline.
  2. For getting the aid as per the Phase I, applicants must fill in Form 1A. This form can be collected free of cost from nearby delivery centers, ASHA or Anganwadi workers. After filling the form, applicants must submit it in the same center. Without this, one will not be able to proceed to the claim level.
  3. Some essential documents will be asked with this form. These documents will be used for the verification process. Applicants must attach these certificated with the enrollment form.
  4. After primary verification, the enrollment form will be sent to the office of the Block development Officer. He/she will do necessary paperwork, and generate a report against the application.
  5. Once the report has been processed, the government will transfer the allocated sum in the bank account of the applicants via DBT. The entire process will be completed within 30 working days.
  6. The same procedure needs to be followed to apply for and claim the aid under Phase II and Phase III. For this, applicants must fill in Form 1B and Form 1C respectively. The scrutiny and report generation will take some time, and the candidates will receive their financial aid within 30 days of application.

Matritva Vandana Yojana Application & Claim form downloads

As mentioned, applicants will be able to attain the applicant and claim forms from online portals. Here are the download links to these registration forms.

  1. For application and claim for Phase I of PMMVY – Form 1A download link
  2. For application and claim for Phase II of PMMVY – Form 1B download link
  3. For application and claim for Phase III of PMMVY – From 1C download link

Other form for some other facility

  1. Not all applicants have linked their bank accounts with the Aadhar cards. This may hamper the payment transfer process. To eliminate such chances, applicants can opt for Form 2A. Filling this form will offer let the officers know and verify the existence of the account. One can download Form 2A from this link.
  2. The central government recently made an announcement that if applicants have an account in the post office, they will get the money transferred in that account as well. To attain this facility, applicants must get their hands on the Form 2B and fill it accordingly. One can download the Form 2B from the respective link.
  3. People can make mistakes when filling up any form. In case such an error has taken place, applicants will be able to correct the facts by filling in the Form 2C. This form can also be attained by clicking on Form 2C Download link.

PMMVY Documents List for application

Possession of MCP cards

MCP pass is the most important document that applicants must furnish, in case they desire to attain the benefits of this scheme. The pass will be issued by health care centers or a government hospital. It will contain all pregnancy related details.

Aadhar document

It is mandatory for all pregnant women to possess their personal identification documents. All candidates must have their official Aadhar cards. Without this document, they will not be able to enroll successfully.

Bank account details

The central government has announced that all financial aids will be transferred in the bank account of the beneficiary. So, applicants will have to submit all bank account related details. A photocopy of the passbook’s first page contains account number, branch code, bank name and branch name, branch address etc.

Certificate of child birth

For attaining the payment under the third phase, applicants must wait till the birth of the baby. After this, applicants must get the official birth certificate. They must attach birth certificate and vaccination certificates with the Phase III claim form/

Association with health care workers

The successful implementation of this scheme will not be possible without the assistance of Anganwadi, ANM and ASHA workers. Interested applicants can get in touch with these health care experts to attain the benefits of this scheme. Applicants will also get all scheme-related information, and future check-up related details on their mobile phones. These reminder notifications will ensure that mothers and children don’t miss any check-up or vaccination.

Matritva Vandana Yojana Helpline Toll Free Number

In you desire additional information about the scheme and application process, you can click on the link . It is the official page of the scheme. Another way to get necessary details is by calling on the helpline number. You can talk to experts directly by calling on the number 011-23386423.

The children of today will play an important part in the progress of the nation in the future. If the central government fails to secure the health and wellbeing of the newborn babies and their mothers, then all other reforms will go in vain. Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana is necessary both in rural as well as cities. It is all the more beneficial for families of weaker financial backgrounds. For better implementation of this project, the central government will take the help of Anganwadi, Asha, and ANM Workers.

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