[Apply Online] PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana in Punjab 2021

PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana in Punjab 2020 for SC / BC/ BPL (Eligibility, Application form online, Benefits, electricity subsidy)

The Punjab state government has initiated the PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana. The main idea is to offer quality LED bulbs to the beneficiary families. One of the primary eligibility criteria is that the families should fall under the state electricity board to enjoy the scheme perks. To get the complete details relating to the entitled scheme, the following details shall help.

PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana in Punjab

PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana Launch details

NamePSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana
launched byPunjab Government
Scheme launching departmentPunjab State Power Corporation Limited
Main focusOffer LED bulb to state people
Target groupBPL class, SC and backward groups

Highlighting features of the PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana

Target group of the scheme –

The candidates belonging to the BPL group, scheduled caste, and backward classes are the beneficiaries.

Main objective of the scheme –

The main purpose of the scheme launch is to offer quality LED bulbs to the lower income group families in Punjab

Benefits from state electricity board –

Only the families that consume electricity under the state electricity board can avail of the scheme benefits

Details of Eligibility Criteria’s

  • Residential details – As the Punjab state electricity board has launched the scheme, the permanent residents of the state are eligible for the scheme
  • Group of individuals – The individuals belonging to scheduled caste, BPL group, and backward groups are eligible
  • Electricity consumer – Candidate should be part of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited
  • Electricity subsidy –The applicant should get subsidy under the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited for electricity supply
  • Sanctioned electricity load – Each beneficiary under the scheme will be given up to 1 KW with two bulbs of rupees 30 each

List of important documents

  • Residential proof – Candidates should produce suitable identification documents like residential documents to justify their claim 
  • Category of applicants – The candidate should have suitable BPL card, backward community details or certificates to justify they belong to scheduled castes
  • State electricity consumer details –The candidate has to produce suitable electricity board bill details and supporting documents 

Benefits of the scheme –

  1. All consumers of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited will be given LED bulb
  2. The Kifayati bulbs will be given at lower rates
  3. The LED lights consume 80% to 90% less rate of electricity
  4. The bulbs are easy to maintain without chances of residential hazards of catching fire and the like
  5. The bulbs are durable with 20 thousands hours of working capacity
  6. The Kifayati LED bulb has no mercury in it and thus, ensures good quality

How to apply for Punjab Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana

The interested applicant has to contact the Punjab state power corporation center to get suitable help in the application process. The candidates have to submit a copy of the electricity bill and other supporting documents to justify their claim of availing the scheme benefits. Along with the basic documents, the applicants have to give rupees 30 as nominal charges. Following this, the LED lights will be given to the selected beneficiaries. There is a chance to get up to rupees 200 units per month concession on the total electricity bill.


Q: What is Kifayati Bulb Yojna?

Ans: In this scheme, the state government will offer LED bulbs to backward groups of society

Q: What are the main benefits under PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Yojna?

Ans: It shall help the BPL, SC and backward groups to get adequate power supply and lights installed in their home

Q: Who is the eligible beneficiary for Kifayati LED Bulb Yojna?

Ans: Families belonging to BPL, SC, and backward group

Q: How to apply for PSPCL Kifayai LED Bulb Yojna?

Ans: Visiting state electricity supply office with supporting documents and certificates.

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