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Every Indian state realized the need to opt for a complete lockdown, after witnessing the situation of Coronavirus infection in countries like Italy, Britain, America, and France. Though the central and state governments are urging the people to follow the lockdown, rules, lack of understanding has already taken the number of infected people in India to 59,000. There is no proper pharmaceutical drug for treating this disease. All the general and liquor stores were closed during the lockdown. The same situation prevailed in Delhi. Scarcity of liquor was a major issue for those who depend on regular consumption of spirits. The Delhi government has finally opened the liquor stores, in the sage zones. People from all the areas are rushing to these stores to obtain liquor. It can increase the chances of infection. The Delhi government has launched Liquor Token Website for issuing tokens to people who desire to purchase spirits.


Launch details of the portal

Name of the portalLiquor Token Website
Launched inDelhi
Launched byAravind Kejriwal
Date of announcementMay 2020
Date of implementation8th May 2020
Name of the formDelhi Liquor Purchase Token Registration
Target beneficiariesPeople who want to purchase liquor
Application modeOnline registration for e-token
Official portal
Supervised byGovernment of Delhi

Key features of the portal

Starting liquor purchase

The launch of the website has paved the path for the initiation of the sale of liquor, during the lockdown.

Following social distancing

The issuance of the e-token, and limiting the number of people, in front of the liquor shops, will enable the customers to maintain social distancing rules.

Registered government stores

Under the scheme, only those liquor stores, which are owned and operated by the Delhi government, will be allowed to function.

Number of stores

As of now, the Delhi government has opened 160 wine shops to sell liquor.

Conforming time slot

The website has been developed for issuing e-tokens, which will confirm the time slot, during which the token holder will get the liquor from the registered stores.

Number of customers

It has been announced by the Chief Minister that only 50 e-token will be generated by the site every hour. It means that during an hour, only fifty customers will line up in front of these stores. It will prevent crowding and chances of infection.


The liquor stores, located in the red zones or the containment zones will not be allowed to function. Only those shops, which are in the green and orange zones, will be able to sell liquor to the customers.

Eligibility Criteria

Residents of Delhi

The legal residents of Delhi will be able to apply on the website, and obtain the online liquor tokens.

Age requirement

The government has mentioned that customers, who are below the age of 21 years, will not be allowed to purchase liquor from these stores.

Documents necessary for application

Residential documents

The current residential location of the applicant, must be highlighted. Uploading the residential document is necessary for identifying the zone from which the candidate belongs.

Identification proof

The submission of the Aadhar Code is necessary, while filling-in the online form. The details will be used by the respective department to verify the claims of the applicant.

Details of the nearest store

 It is mandatory for the candidate to type in the address of the nearest wine store, from his home. The candidates will not be allowed to travel far for acquiring a bottle of beer or whisky.

Contact details

The applicant must highlight his contact details, while filling up the online form to get the online liquor token.

How to register for the e-token?

  1. Online enrollment – If any person is interested in obtaining the e-token, then he must click on the link that will take him to the official portal. The link address is
  2. Token option selection – Once the candidate lands on the official home page, he will see a blue button that is marked as “Apply for Liquor Purchase Token.” The individual needs to click on this button.
  3. Form fill-up – It will trigger the website to bring up the online liquor token form. The candidate needs to select the government ID. In the next field, he needs to enter the ID code. The next fields must be filled in with the name of the candidate, contact number, residential address and the location of the wine shop.
  4. Submission of the form – Once the form has been filled in the necessary details; the person must save and submit the form by clicking on the button that is marked as “Apply for Token.”
  5. Token generation – The website will process the details and generate an online liquor token for the person. It will highlight the time slot for purchasing the spirit. The token holder must produce this online token at the wine store to get the liquor.

FAQ about the scheme

Do I need the online liquor token to purchase wine?

Ans: Yes. The Chief Minister of Delhi has strictly prohibited the shops to sell liquor to the people who do not have the online token.

I tried to log in. However, I got an error message. Why is that?

Ans: The demand for liquor is high amount the residents of Delhi. As a massive number of people were trying to log in on the portal, and get a token, the site has crashed. You may get a 5050 error message. It does not mean that the site is non-functional. You can try after a few hours and get the token.

Will the government charge any fee for the token?

Ans: No. The Delhi government will not charge any money from the applicants for this online liquor token.

What is the procedure to pay for the liquor?

Ans: The token holder need not pay any money via online gateways. He must pay the money for the liquor at the store, during the actual purchase.

Who is maintaining the portal?

Ans: The Qtoken portal is maintained by the Delhi Government.

Will the applicant select the slot time?

Ans: No. The website will automatically select the slot time for the applicant.

Can the applicants get the liquor delivered to their homes?

Ans: The Delhi Government has not offered the facility of home delivery of the liquor.

Has the Delhi government hiked the prices of liquors?

Ans: Yes. There has been an increase of 75% in the price of the liquor in Delhi.

The cases of domestic violence in the area were rising as the alcohol addicts were not getting liquor. The Delhi government has opened the liquor shops as it is a massive source of revenue for the government. However, the women are against the idea, as they feel that the lockdown and alcohol will only boost the number of domestic violence cases.

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