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The Maharashtra government has asked for online application form for RTE Maharashtra / RTE 25 admission for the 2019-20 session. The availability of online application has been announced by the state government for the ease of the students. Through the online service, the interested students can go through the application procedure easily.

RTE Education System Maharashtra

Admission details

  • The admission process has already started for the students. The interested candidates have to go through the registration procedure through the online service.
  • The admission process will be regulated under Primary Act for education for the year 2019-20.
  • In relation to this registration process, the government has stated that 25 percent quote system will be introduced for students giving them a chance to get admitted in the reputed educational institutions of the state. The registration process is going, and it has already been closed for most schools.

However, forRTE Maharashtra Application Form 2019-20 , students have to click on https://rte25admission.maharashtra.gov.in/adm_portal/users/login link.

RTE Maharashtra Admission 2019-20 Online Application Process

  • For RE 25 application form under the 2019-20 sessions, the students have to visit the online portal and click on the right link that they help them to get the online application form.
  • After selecting the mode of registration, a new web page will come up, and soon after that, the registration form will come up on the screen.
  • Try to provide correct information in the application form that includes birth date and mobile number. After this, you will have to provide ID and password through which you will be able to login to the official website. After the completion of the registration process, you will be shown the application form.
  • In the application form, the students are expected to provide the right information. On the basis of this information, the eligible students will be able to avail the 25 percent quota for the academic session.

RTE Maharashtra 2019-20 Admission Online List of Documents

  • After you log in to the official website of the admission process, you will get to know about the details of the documents that are needed to be submitted along with application form.
  • Some of the documents include a voter ID card, passport copy, Aadhaar card, driving license, and other necessary documents. But make sure that each of them is validated by government authorities.
  • The students have to provide caste certificate along with a certified letter from the civic body that will help to consider whether the student is eligible within the quota system or not.
  • For disabled students, he or she has to produce a valid certificate stating that the person is disabled.
  • The candidate also has to provide school leaving certificate or birth certificate from legal authorities to validate that it is the correct one.

Admission schedule – RTE admission(Start And Last Date 2019)

  • The complete information of admission date, a selection list of candidates, school schedule and details of the lottery is available in the official website of the academic session. The list will be given based on the student’s merit.
  • The students can search for their name in the merit list based on the parameters set for the academic year.   

RTE Maharashtra School list

  • To find the list of schools included for this academic session, the students can visit https://rte25admission.maharashtra.gov.in/adm_portal/users/rteindex To get access to the list, the student first has to visit the official website, and they have to select the option from the online portal.
  • From the drop-down list, you have to select the school list, and after this, you have to provide the name of the district.
  • You will be given the details of the school from which you can get the complete school list.

Online process for admission RTE Maharashtra

  • When applying for the academic session, you can avail 25 percent reservation quota. After visiting the official page, you can get the complete admission details.
  • The selection can be done based on lottery system, child, and three parts of school. To complete the registration process, students have to choose from the option amongst the first five given in the list.

District wise vacancies

To check district wise data, the candidates can visit the online website. Also, the candidates can check district name, school details, number of RTE vacancies. In addition, they can also check the total number of applications for the students. 

How to check RTE Maharashtra Admission 2019-20 Online List of Selected Students (District Wise)

For district wise list of selected candidates, admission status can checked through the online procedure. The steps of checking the list is mentioned below.

  • First, the candidates have to https://rte25admission.maharashtra.gov.in/adm_portal/Users/rteindex link and select the options from the home page.
  • Then, the student has to click on the option ‘selected’ from the list. Soon after clicking on this, further options will be come up on the screen.
  • Under the Academic Year portion, the student has to select the district name and year of application.
  • Then they have to click on Application Round and the Lottery Round further to proceed further in the application process. Click on the ‘go’ option to view the list.
  • After this, list of the selected candidates along with school names will appear on the screen. Therefore, the beneficiaries of the online application can get their name from the list.

Therefore, the list can be downloaded for future use of the students.

The interested candidates can apply for the new academic session via the portal. For any related updates about the application form and the session, they can visit the portal. They have to visit rte25admission.maharashtra.gov.in OR student.maharashtra.gov.in link, and for official registration, the students can do it via the link.  

Details In Marathi


Maharashtra RTE 25 Admission Schedule

SnSchedule Date
1Verification Date8 February to 22 February 2019
2Open Date25 February to 11 March 2019
3First phase of RTE lottery draw14 March 2019

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