Rythannaku Raksha Scheme in AP

Rythannaku Raksha Scheme AP 2019-2020 [Protect the farmers from the harassment of the money lender]

While all the states are doing for the farmers Andhra is not staying behind. The police of Kadapa have launched a scheme for the farmers to protect them to stop atrocities against them. The name of the scheme is Rythannaku Raksha. They have also built a Farmer’s Protection Center so that they can monitor the entire situation from there. In order to prevent crime there is already Command Control Room System, Locked House Monitoring System, and Operation Muskaan for controlling crimes.

Rythannaku Raksha scheme AP

Launch details

Name of the schemeRythannaku Raksha scheme
Launched byKadapa Police
Launched inKadapa
Launch dateDecember, 2019
Target people Farmers of Kadapa

Key features of the scheme

Saving from the money lender- The scheme will protect the farmers from the harassment of the money lender. Apart from the money lender there are middle men and other people who take advantage of the adverse situation of the farmers.

Saving from fraud- In some cases several people cheat on farmers by providing bad crops and fertilizers and charge inflated price that will be monitored by the police.

Monitoring the scheme- In order monitor the situation of the farmers the police have establish Farmers Protection Center.

The police have detected that farmers often face this kind of harassment due to the illiteracy. The farmers come under the unorganized labor and this is the reason they often face issue due they have no organization behind them. It is the responsibility of the state to protect the farmers from these extortions. It has been seen that past three years approximately 100 farmers committed suicide due to increasing atrocities against them. In order to restore the security of the farmers the police decided to introduce Farmer’s Protection Center where the farmers can come and complain regarding the crime. Therefore, it is believed that due to the launch of the scheme the crime will be reduced against the farmers and they will be able to continue their work peacefully.

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