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Rythu Raksha Pathakam Scheme
Andhra Pradesh 2020

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For the agricultural development in Andhra Pradesh, the state government has decided to provide financial assistance. This will in turn help to improve the condition of the farming sector. The Rythu Raksha Scheme is similar to that of the Telangana Rythu Bandhu scheme. The state government will give financial assistance to farmers and help them grow better farming produce.  

Rythu Raksha Scheme Andhra Pradesh   

Name of the scheme RythuRakhsha scheme
Scheme has been launched in Andhra Pradesh
Scheme launched by N. Chandrababu Naidu
Preliminary announcement date of scheme January 2019
Official announcement Not yet declared
Financial support for scheme  Rupees 10000 (rupees 5000 for Rabi and 5000 for Kharif)
Target beneficiaries of scheme Marginal and small agricultural workers

What are the key features of Rythu Raksha Scheme?

  1. Improvement of farmers – By successful implementation of the scheme, the poor and needy farmers of the state will be helped.
  2. Financial assistance – According to the draft of the scheme, the state government will provide financial assistance of rupees 10000 to the eligible farmers.
  3. Kharif and Rabi crops- The eligible applicants will be given rupees 5000 during sowing of Rabi crop. Rest of the rupees 5000 will be given before the preparation of farm for Kharif crop. The total amount will be credited in one installment.
  4. Payment depends on plot size –The amount to be given to the applicant will depend on the size of his plot. For every acre, a total of rupees 10,000 will be given on a yearly basis.
  5. DBT mode of payment – It is mandatory for the farmers to have a bank account. The credited amount will be transferred in the linked account via DBT or Direct Benefit Transfer method. This should be an active account.
  6. Money given for agricultural supplies – The amount will be given by Andhra Pradesh government for buying agricultural items such as high-quality seeds, bug repellants, fertilizers which will ensure good produce in the farm.
  7. Implementation in phases –It has been stated that the scheme will be implemented in different phases. This will help in monitoring and proper distribution of the benefits. The benefits of tenant agricultural worker will also be included in the upcoming phases of the scheme.  

What are the eligibility criteria and documents required for applying under Rythu Raksha Scheme?

  1. Residential proof – Andhra Pradesh government will make arrangement for funds for the benefit of the needy farmers. The interested farmers have to submit their residential proof that they belong from the state only. This will help them to get financial assistance from the government.
  2. Farmers only – Only the full-time farmers can avail the benefits of the scheme and thus register for the financial assistance by the state.
  3. Bank account details – The money will be credited to the linked bank account of the farmers. Therefore, it is necessary for the farmers to provide details like IFSC code, bank name, branch code, bank account number that will help in proper fund transfer.
  4. Personal ID – The farmers have to submit photocopies of voter ID card, ration card or Aadhaar card which will help the government to check the details of the candidate.
  5. Farmer categories –Only the poor, marginal, small and tenant farmers are eligible to apply for the scheme. But it has been stated that only poor farmers will get financial assistance whereas the marginal and small will get funds from state authority. Therefore, it is necessary for the applicants to submit the required certificates.

Application form and process under Rythu Raksha Scheme

After the official declaration of the above-said scheme, the state government will plan a meeting to decide the rules and detailed application procedure. Soon after this, the state government will give the necessary steps to implement the scheme that will help to improve the condition of the farmers of the state. The details of the scheme will be given on the official website for the help of the farmers. After availing the benefits under this scheme, the farmers will not have to face any financial problems.

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