Sehat Sahulat Program Pakistan -Free Health Card

Sehat Sahulat Program Pakistan – Free Health Insurance Scheme 2019 [Eligibility Criteria, Application Form Process, Health Card]

The Sehat Sahulat Program has been started by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Pakistan. The main aim of this insurance program is to provide adequate medical help to the one belonging in the poor and unprivileged section of the society. With effective implementation of the program, it can be expected to bring massive change in the healthcare sector of the country.   

Sehat Sahulat Program Pakistan

Launch details of the program

Name of the program


Sehat Sahulat Program
Program launch in


Launch date of program


Program has been launched by


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan
Main aim of the program


To improve the health care sector of the country and help people get proper medical assistance
Target beneficiaries of program


Poor people and below poverty level people


What are the highlighting features of Sehat Sahulat Program Pakistan?

  • Objective of the program – The program has been launched with the objective of bringing some improvement in healthcare. This would benefit the tribal areas and low salaried people in the country.
  • Medical assistance – According to the rules of this program, card holders will get medical assistance of up to rupees 720, 000.
  • Benefits given to people – Both government and private hospitals will give assistance to patients. Near about 80 million poor people has been promised to get free treatment under this program. For the people living under the poverty line, near about 1.5 crores people will be benefitted. Further, it has been said that near about 15 million people would be benefitted in the coming years due to this program.
  • Committee setup – For proper implementation of the program, the national committee will be set up. The representatives will be chosen by regional health departments, federal province and others.
  • Phase wise card distribution – In the first phase of health card distribution, artists and media workers will get adequate benefits. The salaried person is yet to be included in the program benefits.
  • Death of patient – When any patient enrolled under a health card scheme dies, the assistance amount of rupees 10, 000 rupees will be given to his or her families.
  • Launch of the program – The health program facility will be released in Punjab, Kashmir, FATA, GilgitBaltistan and federal capital.

What are the eligibility criteria of the scheme?

  • Surgeries covered – Medical surgeries such as brain surgery, cancer, angioplasty and other surgeries can be done free of cost. This benefit will be extended only to card holders under this program.
  • Beneficiaries – It has been stated that according to the above-said program, treatment will be given to all patients expect for the ones who are suffering from transplants.
  • Residential proof – The health card under this program will be given only to the ones who are living in Pakistan. No other individuals will be able to avail the benefits of the health card.
  • Details of ailment – Depending on the ailment of the person, the health care card will be given.
  • Income of family – People living in poor condition and below the poverty line can get this card. For the same they have to provide adequate documents.

Documents required for getting health care card

  • Documents of surgeries – All surgery related documents need to be submitted as it will help the authority to check the condition of the patient. According to this, the health care card will be given to the patients. The extent of benefit will depend on the ailment of the patient.
  • Residential documents – This would help to understand that the patient only belongs to Pakistan and no other states. The program will be given only to the patients of Pakistan.
  • Health checkup details – These documents will be required to know about the health condition of the patient. Depending on this, the patient will get further medical assistance with the help of the health card given under this program.
  • Annual income – The annual income certificate will be required to run a background check of the patient. Depending on the economic condition of the patient, the benefit will be extended to them.

Application Form Process – 

However, other than this, no other application process has yet come out. The committee that has been set up for effective implementation of the program will update the application process soon. As it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it from the official website of the program. Accordingly, they can opt for submitting an online application and get the healthcare cards.

How the cards will be distributed?

The health care cards will be given in Islamabad. But no specific date or process of distribution has yet been declared. The beneficiaries will get to know as soon as it is updated on the website.

Therefore, Prime Minister of the country has decided to initiate this program with a hope of improving the healthcare condition by investing in people of the nation. This would also help Pakistan get maximum success and become a welfare state. This enormous package would help in socioeconomic help of the country. 

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