Swades Skill Card Online Registration Form at www.nsdcindia.org/swades

Swades Skill Card Online Registration Form at www.nsdcindia.org/swades

The central government has started online registration for the Swades skill card. Under the Swades or Skilled Workers Arrival Database for Employment Support scheme, the government will look for skilled laborers who have returned from other countries. For this, the Vande Bharat Mission has been started. Amidst this outbreak of the pandemic, employment in different sectors has been hit hard. To handle the situation and create employment opportunities, the mission has been aimed for the citizens who are returning to India from other countries due to lockdown.


Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeSkilled Workers Arrival Database for Employment
Scheme has been launched byCentral government in India
Target group of the schemeIndividuals returning from other countries after lockdown 
Main objective of the schemeTo offer better employment opportunities to the jobless 
Helpline number for scheme1800 123 9626
Digitalized form for registration is available atwww.nsdcindia.org/swades

Highlighting features of the scheme

Main target group of the scheme –

The scheme’s target group is the returning citizens from other countries to India. They were stranded in other places due to the sudden situation of the nationwide lockdown.

Benefits offered by the scheme –

By registering under the scheme portal, the candidates can look for different job offers that shall help them live a suitable livelihood. This can also help to improve the condition of both the domestic and international markets.

Objective of the scheme –

The main aim is to offer job opportunities to the Indian citizens in different states who are facing job uncertainly during this time of the outbreak of the pandemic.

Promotion of SWADES card –

The skill card will be promoted through the high commissions, consulates, embassies to different countries as it can enhance the reach of the card facilitates.

Other ways of spreading news of card –

Different initiatives have been taken by the central government in which flight announcements are also adopted by Air Indian Express and Air India that are linked with Vande Bharat Mission. The airport authority has also taken the initiative to put up banners and digital standees to spread the utility of the skill card for returning migrants from other countries or states.  

Number of citizens under Vande Bharat Mission –

As of the present situation, a total of 57,000 people has come back to India under the said mission.

Eligibility criteria

  • Residential details – The central government has introduced the scheme, and therefore, only the permanent residents of India states are eligible to avail of the benefits.
  • Income details – Certain income limit should be produced at the time of online registration based on which the authorities can decide for the eligibility of the candidate.
  • Job details and designation – The candidate should give full detail of his type of job and designation at the time of registration. This shall help the candidate to get further jobs in the desired sector.
  • Qualification – Certain qualification limits may have been set by the central government to register online.
  • Identification –Identification details are mandatory to be furnished at the time of online registration.

Important documents required

  • Educational documents – Suitable educational certificate should be furnished at the time of online registration to find whether the candidate is eligible to get a particular job.
  • Identification proof – As proper identification, the citizens should furnish Aadhaar card, voter ID card, and the like at the time of registration.
  • Income certificate – By going through the income certificate, it will help determine whether the person is eligible to benefit from the above-said scheme.
  • Job certificate – To get the skill card, one has to produce a job certificate to know about the status of their previous job. It shall help to know about the uncertainty of the job after they return to their native place.
  • Residential documents –Candidates should furnish permanent documents at the time of registration to justify their being the permanent residents of India.

How can skill mapping data help for the returning citizens?

  • Depending on the official data gathered through the official portal of the scheme, it is seen that most of the candidates have returned from Kuwait, Saudi, and Oman, UAE, Qatar and the like countries.
  • As per skill mapping plans, it is further noticed that most of the candidates are employed in the construction, tourism, oil and gas, hospitality, aviation, and automotive industries.
  • The highest number of candidates belongs to states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, and Maharashtra. 

How to apply for Online Registration under Swades Skill Card?

  1. First, you have to visit link .
  2. Following this, the homepage of the portal shows up. On the same, you can find the registration form for the scheme.
  3. In the digitalized form, you have to enter vital details like name, passport number, state, district, contact details, e-mail ID, employment status, educational qualification, work sector, job, designation and the like.
  4. After filling up the form, the candidates have to click on the ‘submit’ option. This shall help to complete the registration procedure.


What do you understand by Vande Bharat Mission?

The Government of India has come up with the Vande Bharat Mission in cooperation with the aviation department. Also, the Ministry of External Affairs is cooperating with the state governments to bring back the citizens of the state and help them resume normalcy in their livelihood.

What are the hygiene and safety measures adopted in the flights operating under the Vande Bharat Mission?

Every work in the aviation department is adhering to strict safety measures by following the hygiene guidelines that have been laid by the Indian government. From thermal screening to suitable declaration form, every passenger should offer their details and do needful for the self-quarantine period after they land.

How to get a job with the help of the skill card?

The information of the candidates collected through the skill cards will be shared with the companies who are willing to help the jobless candidates. For this, it is essential to provide the correct mobile number and e-mail address for smooth communication.

What is the reason for collecting the information through the card?

The Indian government has come up with the idea of offering job opportunities to address the job loss problem of the candidates due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It can know about the jobs required and the skills of the citizens with the help of skill mapping under the Vande Bharat Mission. The requirement of the job will be shared with different big companies to request them for job facilities for the jobless people.

Who is responsible for getting the cards?

This Indian government initiative is supported by the National Skill Development Corporation, collecting suitable data and updating the same in the government database for future reference.

How to get the helpline number relating to the scheme?

The Ministry of External Affairs has offered the contact number details, Government of India.

What is the official portal of the Swades skill card initiative?

The official portal relating to the Skill Card is http://nsdcindia.org/swades/ link.

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