Tamil Nadu CM Free Masks Scheme 2021

Tamil Nadu CM free masks scheme 2020 for ration card holder

Amidst the Covid-19 breakout, the Tamil Nadu government started a scheme where the people will be provided with free face mask. The scheme is called CM Free Masks Scheme, and under the scheme the government will distribute mask to the people who have ration card. It is believed that, with the help of the scheme 69 lakh families will be benefited. The article is going to give you an in-depth idea about the scheme.

Name of the schemeCM Free Masks Scheme
Launch date July, 2020
Launched byTamil Nadu government
Launch inTamil Nadu
Target peopleThe ration card holder

Tamil Nadu Free Masks Scheme

Objective of the scheme

As per the rule of the scheme, the government will distribute 4.44 crore masks to the people from the ration shops; the masks are reusable.

Number of beneficiaries-

According to the survey, there are 2.08 crore ration cards and 6.74 crore beneficiaries.

Budget of the scheme

The government has invested 30.07 crore rupees for distributing mask in state.

Mode of work-

Till now only phase 1 has started, and in this phase 45 lakh masks have been distributed to the people of Greater Chennai Corporation.

Number of masks

As per the rule of the scheme, each member of a family will get two reusable masks from the ration shop.

Zones of Chennai

The Chennai city is divided in fifteen zones, and government has started with one zone to distribute the mask in phase 1.

Eligibility criteria

Resident of the state-

You need to be the permanent resident of the state to get the benefit of the scheme.

Ration card

At least one of the family members has to have ration card to get the free mask.

Required documents

Ration card

To get the free masks from the ration shop you need to carry the ration card to your nearest ration shop.

How to apply for the scheme

You do not have to apply for the scheme separately. If you hold the ration card then you will get the mask from the ration shops.

It seems that wearing mask will be a new normal and in some places of Chennai the cases are rising. The government is trying to implement new law where mask will be mandatory. And this is the reason masks will be distributed to the people from the ration shops. Mask is the effective weapon to prevent the transmission and that is the reason, government is distributing masks to the people. To make sure everyone in the state has mask, the government linked it with ration card.

Tamil Nadu Free Masks Scheme FAQs

Tamil Nadu Free Masks Scheme

  1. What is Tamil Nadu mask distribution scheme?

    Ans. The TN govt. will provide free masks through ration shops.

  2. How to get the mask?

    Ans. You need to visit to nearest ration shop with your ration card.

  3. Is there any deadline?

    Ans. No

  4. How many mask one will get?

    Ans. 2 per person

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