Tamil Nadu Government Special Gift For Pongal 2020

Tamil Nadu Government Special Gift For Pongal 2019 [Eligibility Criteria, Application Form]

Pongal is the main harvest festival that is celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu. People from all walks of life come together and celebrate the gifts of nature. But poor and needy people lack the financial power to partake in the celebrations properly. The current government in the state is of the opinion that financial constrains must not mar the festivities of Pongal. Thus, the CM has announced a special scheme, for common people. The state government highlighted that ration card holding households will attain monetary grant from the authority.

Tamil Nadu Government Announced Special Monetary Gift For Pongal Celebration

Name of the scheme

Pongal Financial Gift Scheme

Launched in

Tamil Nadu

Launched by

Karuppa Gounder Palanisamy

Date of announcement

2nd January 2019

Estimated launch date


Supervised by

Tamil Nadu State Government

Target beneficiaries

Common people of the state

 Key features of the scheme

  1. Better celebration of Pongal – The scheme has been announced by the state authority to boost the enthusiasm of the people. The state suffered from monetary losses after the cyclone Gaza. The gift hamper and the money will help people in celebrating the event.
  2. Financial gift – Though the state government has offered cash gift to common citizens on the event of Pongal, the amount was rather less. This time, the state authority has highlighted that each family will receive as much as Rs. 1000 from the state government.
  3. Gift hamper – Apart from the monetary gift, the Tamil Nadu government will also offer a gift hamper to the eligible families. This gift hamper scheme was announced some time back. But it will be implemented now. In the gift pack, households will get raw rice, raisins, sugar, cardamom cashew nut, and sugarcane.
  4. Total number of beneficiaries – The state government’s records suggests that there are as many as 2.01 crore ration card holding households in the state. All these families will directly come under this scheme.
  5. Area excluded from the scheme – The implementation of this unique scheme will take place in all parts of the state, but not in the district of Tiruvarur. This area has been placed under the model code of conduct governance.
  6. Estimated budget for the scheme – The Tamil Nadu government has highlighted that the implementation of the monetary gift project will come with a cost of Rs. 2010 crore. Additionally, the successful implementation of the gift hamper scheme will require the state to shell out Rs. 300 crore.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Only for Tamil Nadu residents – As the entire project will be spearheaded by the Tamil Nadu government, it is obvious that only the legal residents of this area will be able to attain the benefits. Submitting a copy of every applicant’s residential proof is a must.
  2. Possession of the ration card – The state has highlighted that to attain the perks of this scheme; applicants will have to possess their ration cards. If they don’t have this card, then they will not be able to apply.
  3. Personal ID proof – Apart from these documents, all applicants will have to submit their personal identification proofs. They can submit photocopies of their voter or Aadhar cards.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

This is a new scheme, and the state authority has not yet released all project-related details. Nothing has been highlighted about the final registration process. The state authority is still working on the sound implementation process. You will get the details on this site as soon as the details are out.

It is the responsibility of the state government to ensure the betterment of the common people. With the implementation of this scheme, the state authority will be able to prove that it is beside the common people. The financial grant and the gift hamper will make the Pongal celebration even more special. People who belong to the financially weaker sections, but have their ration cards, will no longer have to worry about the expenses, associated with Pongal celebration. The harvest festival will mark the beginning of a new year in the state.

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