Telangana Layout Regularization Scheme 2021

Telangana Layout Regularization Scheme 2020 (Eligibility, Application form process online, Documents)

Telangana government has come up with a layout regularization scheme. It is meant for the unauthorized property both in urban and rural areas of the state. The landowners have to apply for property regularization as per the details of the scheme. For this, online application is invited by state government officials. Under this scheme, no illegal layout will be left. Let us take a look at other relevant details of the entitled scheme in the following part of the article.

Telangana Layout Regularization Scheme

Telangana Layout Regularization Scheme Launch details

Name of the scheme Telangana Layout Regularization Scheme
Target group of the schemeUnauthorized property layout owners
Objective of the schemeGovernment bans registration of any unauthorized plots
Last date of applicationOctober 15, 2020
Mode of applicationBoth online and offline
Plot owner feesIndividual is rupees 1000 and layout developers is rupees 10, 000

Highlighting features of the scheme –

Target group of the scheme –

The owners of unapproved property or developers of unauthorized land layouts in urban and rural areas of Telangana.

Main focus of scheme launch –

The main objective is to regularize the illegal layouts in Telangana.

Land regularization charge –

The regularization charge depends on the land value in Telangana.

Registration fee under the scheme –

For individual owners it will be rupees 1000 and for owners of a large layout, it will be rupees 10, 000. 

Details of regularization charges

  • For 101 to 300 square meters, it will be rupees 400 per square meters
  • For the range of 301 to 500 square meters, it will be rupees 600 per square meters
  • For above 500 square meters, it will be rupees 750 per square meters
  • For the ones living in slums, the regularization charge will be rupees 5 per square meter no matter what the value of land is

Eligibility criteria –

  • Residential proof – As the scheme has been launched in Telangana, only the land owners of the state are eligible to register for the scheme benefits
  • Identification – The candidates need to furnish suitable identification details at the time of registration
  • Land owners –The owners or developers of unauthorized plots or layouts are eligible to register for the scheme.

Documents required to be listed

  • Residential proof – The candidates need to furnish suitable residential details to justify that the candidates are the natives of Telangana
  • Identification details – The candidates should produce Aadhaar card details, voter ID card and ration card at the time of registration for land authorization. 
  • Land details– The candidates have to produce suitable land layout details asthe total value of the land will decide the regularization fees. 

How to apply for the scheme registration?

The candidates can opt for both online and offline application at the Mee Seva Center or at the citizen’s service centers. The candidates can use a mobile-based application to register for the scheme. However, plot regularization is considered as a pre-condition for registration of the plots and gets approval for building construction.

By successful implementation of the scheme, it shall help in better regularization of land and help to handle the illegal use of plots.


Q: Who are the target groups of the scheme?

Ans: Unauthorized property owners 

Q: What is the mode of application?

Ans: Offline and online

Q: What are the registration fees for individuals and developers?

Ans: Rupees 1000 for individuals and rupees 10,000 for layout developers

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