Tripura Bochor Bachao (Save Year) Scheme 2020-21

Tripura Bochor Bachao (Save Year) Scheme 2020-21 for Class 12th Students

The Tripura Board of Secondary Education has taken an initiative to save the year of the students after completing school. This is the reason the board has launched a scheme called ‘Tripura Bochor Bachao Scheme 2020-21’. Meanwhile the Tripura Board of Secondary Education is conducting Higher Secondary Examination; and the exam has started from 2nd March, 2020. The board launched the scheme at the onset of the exam so that the pupils do not have to lose a year after completing school education.

Tripura Bochor Bachao Scheme

The students, who have taken the exam under Tripura Board and failed in two subjects in 12th, often do not get the chance to enroll into the college for further studies. Although, in such scenario the student has secured 150 marks and the students who want to enroll in college need to take test within 75 days of the result. The students will get the chance to avoid year loss after school. According to the board, this year around 27,142 students are taking Higher Secondary Examination. The article is going to discuss about the benefits of the scheme and also will enlighten you about the scheme.

Before the Tripura Board launched the scheme the students under the Tripura Board of Secondary Education who have failed in one or more subjects could not retake the exam in the same year. Due to that the rule caused them to lose a year. But, since the new scheme was launched; the students who have failed in two subjects and also score 150 marks will be able to retake the test. The test will be conducted within 75 days of the result so that they can take admission in the colleges in the same year. The scheme is going to work in the favor of the students and aspiration to pursue higher education.

Now the HS exam is being conducted by Tripura Board of Secondary Education. The exam is being held at 158 venues of 60 districts in 77 centers all across Tripura. Among the total 27,142 candidates 13,234 are female candidates and 13,908 male candidates. The exam will continue till 31stMarch, 2020; on the other hand, the Madhyamik Examination will commence from 21st March, 2020. The rule of the scheme will be applicable for the Madhyamik candidates as well. Earlier the candidates who failed in one subject yet secured 150 marks in Madhyamik are eligible to retake test on that particular paper. But due to the new regulation the candidates who have flunked in two subjects and secured 150 marks they will be able to retake the exam only in those two papers. In this case as well the supplementary exam will be conducted within 75 days of result.

So it can be said that the scheme will be beneficial to the students who unfortunately failed in two subjects. The scheme is going to give them a second chance to pursue their dream for higher study.  Moreover, the candidate with 150 marks and incomplete result will get to apply in the college as the college will wait for the final result to come so that an academic year is restored.

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