West Bengal Banglar Gorbo Mamata Campaign 2020

West Bengal Banglar Gorbo Mamata Campaign 2020-21 [Bengal’s Pride CM Mamata Banerjee]

Recently, the Chief Minister of West Bengal and the supremo of Trinamool Congress launched a campaign called ‘Banglar Gorbo Mamata ’. The campaign implies to reach to a large number of people for the upcoming municipal election and also for the forthcoming assembly election. The upcoming assembly election that is going to be conducted in 2021 and for that the campaign is all set to perform a mass outreach to declare the present CM as the pride of the state.

West Bengal Banglar Gorbo Mamata Campaign

The TMC authority made the announcement on 2nd February, 2020 and the party cadres will take out the campaign to the people of West Bengal. According to the sources, almost one lakh cadres will participate to spread out the campaign. In the campaign the role of the cadres will be making the people of West Bengal about the work the preset CM is doing for the people of the state. Most importantly the party volunteers will also impart the knowledge about how the honorable CM is working towards maintaining communal harmony in the state. The campaign will be lasting for 75 days in the state.

According to the sources, the Chief Minister of West Bengal has launched the campaign to tell people that she is the pride of the state so that she can attract the attention of the people. Before the election the party wants to know the welfare works done by the honorable CM. Everything is happening in order to uplift the image of the supremo in front of the people of the state. In order to reestablish the image the party will highlight all the welfare works done by the government under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee.

The TMC believes that people of West Bengal should know about the schemes CM has started for the betterment of the state. The scheme includes, Kanyashree Scheme, Karma Sathi Prakalpa, Rupashree Scheme, Bandhu Prakalpa, Aikyashree Minority Scholarship, Jai Johar, Krishak Bandhu, and Yuvasree. Due all these schemes that are working on to improve the situation of the people of the state, Mamata Banerjee is the true pride of the state. The schemes are comprehensive as it includes all the people of the state regardless of religious differences.

It has been seen that due to all these scheme many people including the older people, the youths, the women, farmers, minorities and many more have been benefitted. Apart from that, the honorable CM launched a helpline number a few months back so that people can come up with their problem to her. The program is widely known as ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ and in that exercise CM herself established a liaison with the people of the state.

With the launch of ‘Banglar Gorbo Mamata’ campaign Smt. Banerjee wants to make the people realize that she is the ultimate well-wisher of the people. It has been heard that the initiative is being launched by the advice of Prashant Kishor. He is an election strategist and he was appointed by Trinamul Congress, the ruling party of West Bengal after the last Lok Sabha election. His earlier strategy was ‘Didi ke Bolo’ and after the success of that initiative where almost 10 lakh people have registered their issues, it is believed this program will earn success to the CM and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee.

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