West Bengal Liquor Home Delivery Website order online at excise.wb.gov.in

West Bengal Liquor Home Delivery Website excise.wb.gov.in Order Online by BEVCO Process

The state government of West Bengal has decided to deliver alcohol to the door steps. Having said that, in order to deliver the liquor the social distancing will be followed; and the step was taken to maintain the guideline so that people do not queued up in front of the liquor shop. People can place order for their preferred alcohol on BEVCO excise.wb.gov.in. The article is going to throw light on things that are related to this.

The people all around the country is experiencing the rapid surge, and the virologist all around the world are working to bring some solution in the market. And until then people are asked to stay at home; the central government has divided the country in three distinct zones- red, orange and green depending on the spread of the infection. In red zone the lockdown is stringent, whereas, in green and orange zones there are some relaxations have given. Kolkata being the red zone alcohol is restricted so the government came up with the idea to deliver it to the doorsteps.

West Bengal Liquor Home Delivery

The central government lead by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, named the third phase of lockdown as 3.0. In this phase, the government decided to bring relaxation in orange and green zone but remained stick to the guideline of maintain social distancing. In such scenario the government of West Bengal came up with an idea to serve the people so that they do not feel deprived of anything. The government created a website where people can buy their alcoholic drinks without stepping out of their home. The information about the process is given below.

Name of the initiativeWest Bengal Liquor Home Delivery
StateWest Bengal
Step taken byGovernment of west Bengal
Monitored byWest Bengal State Beverages Corporation
Buying modeOnline
Helpline number033 2236 0625
Target customersPeople of West Bengal

Factor of WB Liquor Home Delivery Online

Social distancing-

With buying liquor online the people in the state will be able to maintain social distancing.

Home delivery-

The initiative is offering unique opportunity and that is delivery service of liquor to home.

Provide to the eligible-

The site made sure to deliver liquor only to the eligible people.

Avoiding crowd-

The site will be able to reduce the crowd from the shop at this point of time.

Eligible People for West Bengal Liquor Home Delivery

  • Age limit- the person who is willing to place order on the website for alcoholic liquor has to be at least 21 years old.
  • Mobile number- The person needs to provide original phone number.
  • ID proof- the buyer needs to have government authorized identity proof.
  • Following the guideline- The buyer needs to maintain the social distancing while receiving the order.

Documents Required to West Bengal Liquor Home Delivery

  • Identity proof- In order to buy alcoholic beverage online the candidate needs to have government authorized ID card like voter or Aadhar.
  • Age proof- In order to confirm that you are above 21 years old; you need to produce age proof.
  • Address- To get the delivery at home you need to provide your accurate address.
  • Contact details- While placing order you need to provide contact details like mobile number and email id.

How to place order online?

  • Opening browser- In order to place the order you need to go to the website and for that you need to open a browser.
  • Opening the website- You need to open the website through the browser.
  • Sign up- Once you open the site you will get sign up option where you need to sign by providing your email id and mobile number.
  • Entering OTP- You will get an OTP on your mobile and to complete the sign up process you need to enter the OTP.
  • Filling up the form- You will get a form where you will have to enter personal details like name, age address, and then you need to submit the form.
  • Placing order- After completing the registration you can place order for your preferred liquor.

The initiative has taken by the State Beverages Corporation of WB, and people can buy beers and other alcoholic beverages. People who were desperately waiting for it will find the step beneficial. And in this way governmentis able to follow all the mandatory guidelines to prevent further spreading.


If I am not the resident of WB then will not I be able to place order?

No, you need to check the schemes of your respective state.

How can I book the Alcohol from this website?

After registering on the site you will get to see the list of options from where you can place order.

Who are eligible for buying the alcohols from the Wine shop in West Bengal?

The buyer has to be a permanent resident of WB and he/she has to be at least 21 years old.

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