Who is Vicky in world cup advertisement?

Who is Vicky in world cup advertisement? (Age, Height, Girl Friend, Net Income, Films)

The 2019 Cricket World Cup has already started, people were eagerly waiting for this event as World Cup happens in every four years. The official broadcaster of ICC Cricket World Cup is Star Sports and to make the event interesting they launched an interesting campaign to celebrate the 45 days of World Cup extravaganza. They started a campaign to create a buzz regarding the mega event and the campaign is called 3CricketKaCrown. In that campaign the World Cup trophy is marked as the crown an all the participating teams are eying on it.

vickey world cup advertisement

NameSimm Sahni
Height6.1 Ft

The introduction of Vicky

Here, in the campaign the trophy is metaphorically termed as crown because ten teams are playing for this one trophy. Apart from that, emotion and dream of million people revolve around this trophy, thus; calling it a crown is appropriate. The whole idea was conceptualized by an ad agency called Ogilvy & Mather. The campaign introduces a character called Vicky who is an Indian Cricket fan. The character Vicky reflects the fun and emotion of the game. Amidst all the fun and banter Vicky signs, ‘Crown Cricket Ka Madam ji Hum Le Jayenge’ (My Queen, we will take the Crown of Cricket). Vicky signs this song in front of the crowd and the actual fun unleashes that a few fans from different nation comes out from the crowd and claim their right on it.

Later, in the campaign Vicky challenges Pakistan and mocked South Africa and England for not winning the title for once. The campaign and the character Vicky already created enough excitement but the recent incorporation of former Indian captain MS Dhoni took the campaign a level higher. The recent ad shows that Dhoni is pulling Vicky’s leg and making him sit-ups. As soon as the campaign is launched, it became trending on the internet. The character Vicky alone was creating enough ridicule with his hilarious caricature now the joining of Dhoni increased its fun factor.

The objective of creating the character

The representative of the channel said the Cricket World Cup has always been a prestigious event. It is an event that is not popular for a game but it has other significance. Every four years the world witnesses a celebration where people from different nation regardless of culture and religion take part. The game is played by the players but the millions of cricket lovers cheer, laugh, and cry for their supporting team. The entire campaign was designed by keeping the fan’s perspective in mind.

Vicky represents an avid cricket lover whose emotion revolves around the trophy and who wears his country’s pride on his sleeves like every other fans. The little mockery is shown to highlight the competitiveness among 10 teams who have arrived England to play with each other. The campaign is aired and broad casted in all medium to spread the aura of World Cup. In the era of digitization, where anything and everything can turn into a trending phenomenon, so; it was inevitable that this campaign and Vicky will create place in the digital world.

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