YSR Aarogyasri Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2022

YSR Aarogyasri Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2020 [Application Form, List, Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Free Medical Treatment, Helpline Toll free Number, Website]

The NTR Vaidya Seva Scheme was started in Andhra Pradesh in 2016. But with some changes in the scheme under the new CM of the state, it has been re-launched and this time the scheme has been renamed as YSR Aarogyasri scheme. The main objective of the scheme is to provide medical treatment free of cost to the poor families. An in-depth detail has been given in the following part of the article.

Name of the scheme YSR Aarogyasri Scheme
Scheme has been launched by Jagan Mohan Reddy
Scheme has been launched in Andhra Pradesh
Venue of scheme launch Tadepalli Camp
Recent announcement made on June 2019
Scheme has been supervised by Health, Medical and Family Welfare department
Helpline number 0863-22222802, 0863-2259861
Mail ID ceoap@ntrvaidyaseva.ap.gov.in
Earlier name of scheme Dr. NTR VaidyaSevaScher
Former announcement date of the scheme 2016-2017

YSR Aarogyasri Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2019

Health and medical development –

With successful development of the scheme, the state government will be able to develop better decimal facilities for poor people living in the state. Therefore, the poor families can easily avail the medical amenities.     

Payment for medical treatments –

 Many people take medicines on daily basis and it requires substantial payment. If the medicine bill is above rupees 1000, the state government will make the payment on behalf of the families.  

Treatment coverage for BPL families –

The BPL families is the primary beneficiaries of the scheme and therefore, the medical facilities will also be offered to them. Each family will get medical treatment worth up to rupees 2.5 lakhs. 

Renewing the policy –

In order to keep the medical insurance policy continuing, the state government shall help. The beneficiaries will not have to pay the premium amount whereas the government will pay the same on behalf of the families. Also, the insurance scheme will be renewed automatically every year.

Enlisted hospitals only –

Not all hospitals and medical centers are allowed to become part of the scheme. Only the state run hospitals and the primary health care centers can provide help to the beneficiaries. In addition, only a few private nursing homes are included that can offer medical benefits to the beneficiaries.

More salary for ASHA workers –

 The rural areas are served by rural hospitals. Other than some private hospitals of the area, the entire area is served by ASHA workers. Due to this, it has been decided that the ASHA workers will get increased remuneration. For their previous salary of rupees 3000, they will get rupees 10000 monthly.

Medical Card –

 The beneficiaries will get free medical help from the empanelled hospitals. For this, medical cards are issued to the beneficiaries. They have to produce the card at the time of medical help to the hospitals. However, the beneficiaries will get the list of hospitals included in the scheme.

Number of insured programs –

As per the drafting of the above-said scheme, the beneficiaries will get free surgical help. Also, rupee 1040 will be given for expensive surgeries as per the scheme rules.    

What are the eligibility criteria for applying under the scheme?

Resident of the state

The YSR Aarogyasri Scheme is applicable only for the residents of Andhra Pradesh. Citizens from other states cannot become part of the scheme. 

Annual family income

To get benefits under the scheme, the family income should not exceed rupees 5 lakhs. Suitable documents should be produced at the time of registration for the scheme benefits.  

Benefits for BPL candidates

The families belonging to BPL category are included in this medical facility offered by state government. Therefore, the candidates have to produce relevant information during registration under the scheme. 

White ration cardholders

Any candidate having white card can get benefits under the scheme. For this, they have to produce suitable documents at the time of registration.

Identification details

The applicants should produce suitable identification proof. It is required by higher authorities to check whether the person is eligible for the scheme benefits or not.

Important documents required for the scheme

Residents of Andhra Pradesh –

Suitable residential proof documents should be produced at the time of registration for the scheme. Candidates from other states cannot avail the benefits.

Family Income limitation –

To avail scheme benefits, families should produce family income certificate. This will be required to justify that the income is less than rupees 5 lakhs.

BPL applicants –

The medical scheme benefits are only available for the BPL applicants. Therefore, the candidates should produce their BPL certificate at the time of online registration for the scheme.

White ration card holders –

As white ration card holders are applicable to get the scheme benefits, they should produce the cards at the time of applying for the scheme benefits. The copy of the ration card will be scrutinized by higher authority to check its validity.

Medical expense papers –

Suitable medical papers should be produced by families who have to spend more than rupees 10000 monthly for medicinal purposes. The bills should be required at the time of registration for the scheme.

Identification documents –

The identification is mandatory to be submitted at the time of registration. For this, it is a must to produce Aadhaar card and medical card that should be furnished at the time of admission in the empanelled hospitals.

How to apply under the YSR Aarogyasri Scheme?

As the online application procedure is not possible for the rural families, the former state government has started with the offline mode of application which is the traditional method. Again under the leadership of the new CM of Andhra Pradesh, the scheme has been re-launched. As BPL candidates are also included in this scheme along with white ration card holders, it can be expected that both online and offline mode of registration will be offered. However, if the name of BPL and white ration card holders comes in the list, they will be automatically included in the list of beneficiaries and get the medical card under the scheme.

The official portal of the scheme has come up, and it will help the interested candidates to check the details of the scheme from the portal. They can also know about other state-sponsored schemes from the portal. To get access to the portal, candidates should click on the right link. For the online procedure of enrolment, it must be done through the online portal. The registration link is yet to come up on the website. Once it comes, the beneficiaries can apply for the scheme benefits by clicking the link.  

List of empanelled hospitals under the scheme

Most of the government hospitals of Andhra Pradesh are part of the above said scheme and offer free medical facilities. In addition, few private hospitals can offer benefit. To check the list of hospitals that are selected to provide medical help, candidates can login to the official portal of the scheme. By clicking on the right link, the candidates can get information about the list of hospitals included. You have to click on ‘Empanelment online application’ option. As you choose the hospital options, you get the list in front of you.

Similar to the central government, the state government is also offering several medical scheme benefits for the poor families of the state. However, successful implementation of the scheme can improve the medical and health condition of the state. Even the private hospitals will offer better medical facilities when compared to the government ones. But the private hospitals charge high rate for the medical help which the families fail to afford. Therefore, by successful implementation of schemes like the above-said ones, it will be easy for poor families to get medical facilities throughout the year. 


The amount of Financial inclusion would I be able to expect in this plan?

Aarogyasri conspire gives up to 5 lakhs budgetary inclusion for a family for every year under clinical costs.

Who gets the advantage from the plan?

BPL families and individuals under the neediness line are qualified to profit profits by the Arogya Sri plan to get clinical treatment and wellbeing costs repayment.

Could my dad get Cardiac treatment under AarogyaSri plot, bearing wellbeing costs?

No, Cardiac medicines are excluding from the wellbeing plan list.

I don’t have confirmations of pay gathering. Am I relevant to AarogyaSri plot?

No, Only individuals having a place with the BPL bunch are qualified for the AarogyaSri wellbeing plan to profit of all the clinical medicines and costs.

Who are qualified for the plan?

All BPL Families with legitimate white proportion cards are qualified for the AarogyaSri plan to profit of the considerable number of advantages without the requirement for any enrolment.

Who is actualizing the plan and paying for the costs?

State Government of AP is actualizing the plan through Dr.YSR AarogyaSri Health Care Trust and the whole clinical sum is paid by the administration of Andhra Pradesh.

Where would I be able to get the rundown of medical clinics under the plan?

A rundown of the considerable number of emergency clinics under the system of the plan is accessible at VidyaMithra. You can likewise get this rundown by calling the Toll-Free number 104.

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