YSR Adarsham Scheme AP 2021 [Loan]

YSR Adarsham Scheme AP 2019-20 Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Registration Form Download, Online Portal, Vehicle Loan Subsidy to Unemployed

With the poor conditions of job market in Andhra Pradesh, the youth of the state are finding it difficult to get proper employment opportunities to meet livelihood. The YSR Adarsham scheme has been started in Andhra Pradesh that can be considered as a smart movement from the state government. The selected beneficiaries will be given loans with which they can purchase trucks. The beneficiaries can use the truck for carrying goods from one location to the other. Read the following part of the article to know more about other requirements to avail of the entitled scheme benefits.


YSR Adarsham Scheme Details 2019

Name of the scheme  YSR Adarsham Scheme AP
Scheme has been launched by  Jaganmohan Reddy 
Scheme has been launched in  Andhra Pradesh 
Target group of the scheme  Unemployed youth of the state 
Scheme has been announced on  October 2019
Date of implementation  Yet to be declared 
Supervised by  Andhra Pradesh Well-fare Department 
Benefits of the scheme  Vehicles to be given to unemployed youth for self-employment 
Official portal  Yet to be launched 
Helpline number  Not applicable 

Key features of the AP YSR Adharsham Scheme

Providing self-employment opportunities –

Due to lack of jobs in Andhra Pradesh, the main focus of the scheme launch is to create plenty of job opportunities for the youth of the state. Through method of self-employment, it will help to prevent the problem of joblessness in the state and help youth to find ways for livelihood.

Service sectors –

The trucks that the beneficiaries will buy will be used to send items like sand, beverages and food. Also, other perishable and non-perishable items will also be transported.

Distribution of trucks –

Under the given scheme, beneficiaries can get a loan from the banks. With the loan money, they can buy trucks to carry goods.

Make commodities less costly –

There is a rise in commodity prices due to lack of proper transportation. With the help of the scheme, it will be easy to manage the transportation system. So, there will be an adequate supply of products in the market. This will automatically lower the price of the commodities. 

Lower transportation costs –

Due to a lack of transportation, there is an increase in transportation costs. But with more number of trucks, the transportation cost will automatically lower.

Number of vehicles distributed –

The Andhra Pradesh government has announced for immediate implementation of the above-said scheme. Under this, near about 6000 beneficiaries will be given the keys of trucks.

Planning to give revenue to beneficiaries –

The state government will provide financial assistance through the above-said scheme. Through this, government wants to help the youth of the state so that they can find ways to earn their livelihood. 

Committee set up for selection process –

 After interested candidates have requested for the scheme benefits, the selection committee will be responsible for the selection procedure and choose the eligible candidates. However, the selection committee consists of 8 members.

Eligibility criteria to avail scheme benefits 

Residents of Andhra Pradesh –

As the scheme has been launched in Andhra Pradesh, the benefits can only be availed by the state citizens. However, unemployed citizens from other states cannot avail the scheme benefits. 

Unemployed youth –

The scheme benefits will be given to youth who are unemployed. This shall help them to have a steady source of income. 

BPL category –

If the unemployed belonged to the BPL category, they could avail of the benefits under the above-mentioned scheme.

Minority community members –

Individuals belonging to a minority group, are allowed to avail scheme benefits. They can also register to get the scheme perks.

Tribal community members –

People belonging to tribal community who belongs to ST, SC and OBC category are allowed to opt for scheme benefits. Even the members belonging to Kapu Corporation can become part of the scheme. 

Documents required

Identification details –

The interested applicants of the scheme should produce copy of Aadhaar card details. It will be checked by higher authority to check whether the person is eligible to get the scheme benefits or not. 

Residential proof –

Applicants are requested to produce residential proof. As the scheme benefits can only be availed by the citizens of the state, the applicants have to show that they are the native of the state. So, proper residential certificate should be submitted. 

Minority certificate –

In case the candidate belongs to any minority group, he or she should produce a suitable document at the time of registration. The certificate must be issued from the Andhra Pradesh government.

Caste details –

The scheme has been designed for helping the backward communities. Therefore, interested candidates should produce suitable caste certificate at the time of registration for the scheme. The certificate will higher authority know whether the candidate belongs to ST, SC and other backward classes.

BPL certificate –

In case applicants belong to the BPL group, the candidates have to furnish relevant documents at the time of applying online for the scheme.

Transportation GST payment documents –

After the applicants get loan approval, they have to pay GST for the truck. At the time of application, applicant has to produce a payment slip that has been issued by the GST department and it is required for maintaining security purposes.

Bank details –

The financial help that the state government will offer through banks will be directly deposited to the linked bank account of the applicants. Here, each applicant has to produce suitable documents that will include bank-related documents as well.

YSR Adarsham Scheme Registration Form and Process

The Chief Minister has announced the new scheme for helping the youth of the state. Chief Minister is yet to declare the date of official implementation of the scheme. Also, the state is yet to announce how to apply for the trucks. As the loan applications will be checked by the banks, the financial institutions play an important role in scrutinizing the applications. To know more about the scheme, applicants have to stay updated to get information from the online portal. 

The scheme has been planned in such a way that it will provide two benefits to individuals other than reducing the cost of transportation and making items available at inexpensive rates. The scheme will assist the marginalized and unemployed youth of the state. The youth can also apply through banks and start transportation via trucks. This way, it is possible to reduce the number of unemployed youth in the state. This way, Andhra Pradesh is planning to motivate the scheme youth to start a transportation business.

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