YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme 2021 in AP

YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme 2019 Pathakam in Andhra Pradesh (Eye Check-up) Application Form, How to Apply, Documents List, Programme Schedule Date, Eligibility Criteria

The Chief Minister has launched several schemes, which pave the path for the development of the health care sector. One such scheme that offers free eye testing and treatment for the residents of the state is the YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme. The tests will be carried out by experienced eye specialists. Applicants will also receive free spectacles and ocular surgery is necessary. The expense will be tackled by Andhra Pradesh government.

Name of the scheme YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy
Announcement date of the scheme September 2019
Launch date of the scheme 10th Oct
Target beneficiaries Residents of Andhra Pradesh

YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme in Andhra Pradesh Full Details

Healthcare scheme for all

It is a major move by the state government to ensure that residential acquire proper treatment for their eyes. It also elevates the overall level of health care facilities in Andhra Pradesh.

Eye testing facilities

The state government and the eye centers will work in unison to set up camps in the schools and districts. They will conduct eye screening from these camps. Patients can get their eyes tested free of cost.

Free spectacles

If the patient requires spectacles, then the government eye centers will make the necessary arrangements to make the glasses. These ocular aids will be distributed to the patients free of cost.

Free of cost ocular surgery

Once the checkup sessions are done, the specialists will prepare a list of patients who require eye surgery and other related treatments. The necessary steps will be taken to contact the patients and give them access to proper treatment.

Estimates number of surgeries

Reports has been published after the completion of the first phase. It highlights that 26,52,730 patient need operation for cataract. Around 1,06,10,922 patients may require treatment for uncorrected presbyopia. 53,05,461 patients may require operations for Uncorrected refractive errors. Around 26, 52,730 other patients require ocular surgeries for other eye related ailments.

Estimate beneficiary count

The health department of the state government highlighted that around 5.40 crore residents of Andhra Pradesh will be able to attain the benefits of the scheme.

Covering educational institutes

As per the guidelines of the scheme, the eye testing of the school students will be carried out first. Students of 62,459 educational institutes will get their eyes tested by the experts.

Phase wise implementation

Phase wise implementation plan has been developed for this scheme. There are two main phases, while the second phase will be divided in four parts.  

Cooperation of eye centers

The eye specialists, associated with the LV Prasad Eye Institute will be placed at the head of the monitoring committee. Arvind Eye Hospitals, Asram Medical College and Shankara Eye Foundation are other centers, which have been roped in to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Additional medical staff requirement

The state government has selected 160 District Program Officer. 1,415 medical authorities will be placed under these officers to ensure proper scheme implementation. 14,000 general health care staff, 14,000 ANM workers, 62,500 teachers and 42,360 ASHA workers will also join the task force.

Expenditure of the state government

The implementation of this scheme will be carried out in pan-state basis, and is open for all residents. For meeting the financial requirements of the project’s implementation, a whopping budget of Rs. 560 crore has been sanctioned.

Eligibility for the application

Resident of the area

If any applicant wants to get their eyes tested, or get free ocular glasses or surgery, then they must be permanent and legal inhabitants of Andhra Pradesh.

No age bar

Individuals of all age groups will acquire the opportunity to get their eyes screened by the specialist.

For people from all financial backgrounds

No income based or financial background related restrictions have been placed on the residents to opt for the free eye testing facility.

Focus on the needy applicants

The Chief Minister has already mentioned that the state government will pay for the eye glasses and the eye surgeries of those candidates, who cannot pay for these expensive treatments.

Documents necessary for the scheme

Residential proof

If any applicant fails to produce documents, which highlight that he/she is a resident of Andhra Pradesh, then that individual will not acquire the benefits of this project.

Aadhar card

It is mandatory for all the applicants to furnish a copy of their Aadhar cards at the eye testing camps. The students need to carry the same to the school on the specified date.

EWS certificate

If the patient wants free eye surgeries and ocular glasses, he/she needs to submit a copy of his/her EWS or BPL certificate.

Phase details of the Kanti Velugu Scheme

First Phase

The first phase will be completed in two sections. The first implementation session started on 10th and ends it on 16th Oct.

Second Phase –

The second implementation session will commence from 1st November and ends on 13th Nov. 56,982 educational institutes have already been covered by the experts. Eye testing of 64,08,086 students have been completed successfully.

Third Phase In Year 2020

On 1st February, the state government will start work on the third implementation phase. As this phase includes four stages, it will be completed by the end of 2022.

Launch of the official scheme portal

The state authority wants the common people to know about this scheme. The CM also launched a separate portal for the project. You can acquire scheme related details, and check the beneficiary updates by clicking on the link http://drysrkv.ap.gov.in/.

Schedule Of Eye Check-up 2019 to 2022

Phase 1 2019 Primary basic screening of school children 10 Oct – 16 Oct
  Completion of data uploading 17 Oct
Phase 2 Secondary screening & Prescription of Glasses 1Nov – 31 Dec 
Phase 3 2020 Primary Mass Eye Screening of the community 1 Feb – 15 Feb
Phase 4 2020-2022 Secondary Mass screening & Prescription of Glasses 1Feb – 31Dec
  Surgeries for Cataract Cases, Tertiary Eye Care management at Teaching Hospitals including Regional Eye Hospitals 1st Feb – 31 Jan 2022     

How to get application form and apply for the scheme?

Eye testing booths will be set up in the schools. The students need not fill any form to apply for the eye screening facility. Experts assume that special eye testing camps will be organized by the eye centers in every district, block and village. Interested candidates can go to these camps with their documents and get their eyes checked, free of cost. If the state government announced a separate application process for the adults, then we will provide the update on thus site.

It is a unique scheme that can benefit the people of the state. The health care sector will also improve significantly. Free surgeries and eye glass distribution will help poor and needy individuals to lead a better life.

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