YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme roll out soon in AP – Financial Aid to Shepherds

YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2020

Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is coming up with welfare schemes in the state, and one of them will be implemented under the YSR KapariBandhu scheme. Through this, it can offer financial help to the shepherd community. Eventually, it will result in the economic empowerment of the state. 

As per the scheme guidelines, every shepherd will be given financial help to buy 20 sheep along with a goat. It is further stated the new scheme to come will be implemented under the supervision of National Cooperative Development Corporation as per official sources. Adding to this, the government shall offer a subsidy to 30 percent of the loan required for purchasing units. In this regard, the state government shall provide rupees with 1.5 lakhs for the successful implementation of the scheme.

YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

The main focus of the above-said scheme is to cover up benefits for almost 50 thousand people for a term of four years. In this relation, officials have said to offer rupees 200 crores for the fast development of the scheme. The state government is also implementing schemes like the Rajanna Veterinary Scheme, the death of cows and the like. 

Sources further said that the shepherds of state and society president requested CM of Andra Pradesh to look after the living standards of shepherd’s community. It is also seen that the NCDC financiers are able to buy sheep on loan. In addition to this, shepherds cannot get loans owing to the strict rules of the scheme. Owing to this, the CM of the state has come up with the plan of the new scheme. This will make the regulations of the scheme an easy one and help increase the subsidy offered for the shepherds. By this, they can easily opt for loans to buy the sheep and yield better results from farming. 

However, NCDC is planning to raise the subsidy level from 20% to 30%for the help of the shepherds. Considering the present situation, the government is planning to come up with some changes for the betterment of the shepherds. 

Therefore, with the successful launch of the scheme in the state, it shall help improve the overall condition of the shepherd community. It shall help cover up different prevention measures and help them get access to suitable medical services in the state. Therefore, the CM of the state is giving his best efforts to launch the scheme soon for the betterment of the shepherds. 

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