YSR Law Nestham Scheme AP 2021

YSR Law Nestham Scheme AP 2019-20 [Online Application Form Download, Eligibility Criteria, How to Apply Online, Stipend to Jr. Advocates]

The Andhra Pradesh authority has recently launched a scheme that will ensure the financial security of the lawyers and advocates. As per the guidelines of the YSR Law Nestham Scheme, beneficiaries will receive a monthly grant from the state government. In this article, you will get in-depth details of the project.

Name of the scheme YSR Law Nestham Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by Jagan Mohan Reddy
Scheme announcement date 2019 – 2020
Scheme implementation date December 2019
Implementation occasion National Lawyers Day
Target beneficiaries Advocates and junior lawyers
Supervised by Andhra Pradesh Government
State portal for all scheme details https://myap.e-pragati.in/
Helpline number 1100
Application process starts on 30th October
Last date for application 11th November

YSR Law Nestham Scheme Full Detail 2019

Improving legal structure in the state

It will boost the judicial system and the people who are directly associated with the legal structure.

Scheme for legal consultants

The Chief Minister has pointed out that only the advocates with certain experience and junior lawyers will become beneficiaries of the scheme.

Grant amount

It has been highlighted in the project draft that every deserving applicant will attain Rs. 5000 as grant.

Payment frequency

Every beneficiary will acquire the state sponsored grant in the beginning of every month, starting from the date of beneficiary list publication.

Mode of payment

The Chief Minister of the state has already highlighted that every applicant must have a bank account in his/her name. The beneficiaries will acquire the grant money in their bank accounts through Direct Benefit Transfer.

Eligibility to apply for the scheme

Residents of the state

If the applicant is not a legal and permanent member of this state, then he/she cannot partake in this welfare project.

Law graduates

Only the candidates who have passed the law gradation or post-graduation examinations from registered Law Colleges will be allowed to enroll.

Bar Council approved individuals

If the applicant has not yet received the valid approval certificate from the State Bar Council, then he/she cannot apply for the benefits. Only registered Bar Council members will be able to enroll for this project.

Currently practicing law

It is mandatory for both the junior lawyers and advocates to continue their practice if they desire to attain the scheme benefits.

Age cutoff for junior lawyers

The age of the junior lawyer must be within 45 years. In case the age is more than this, the application will be cancelled.

Work term for advocates

If the advocate has not completed at least 15 years in the judiciary, then he/she will not be allowed to become a beneficiary.

Work term for junior lawyers

If the junior lawyers have not completed at least three years in the judicial structure, then they will not be considered as eligible beneficiaries.

Must not have a four wheeler –

It is necessary that the applicants do not own cars. The vehicle must not be registered in the name of the candidate.

One applicant from every family

The scheme also highlights that only one eligible junior lawyer or advocate, from any family will be able to apply and receive the benefits.

Documents applicants need to submit

Residential proof

To become a beneficiary of this project, it is mandatory for the applicants to upload a scanned copy of the residential proof documents, issued by Andhra Pradesh authority.

Aadhar card of the applicant

All applicants must upload a scanned copy of their Aadhar cards for fact checking by the authority.

Graduation certificate from Law College

The graduation and/or post-graduation certificates, issued by Law College and university must be attached to highlight the academic qualification of the applicants.

Bar Council approval certificate

Every applicant needs to produce the official approval certificate that has the State Bar Council issues.

Experience proof for advocates

Official experience documents, which highlight the activity tenure of 15 years or more, are mandatory for advocates.

Experience proof for junior lawyers

An official document must be submitted that shows that the junior lawyers are practicing law for three years.

Age proof documents

There is an age bar for the junior lawyers. Thus, every applicant must furnish official age proof documents.

Affidavit submission

The junior lawyers will need to produce official affidavit documents to the department regularly after a gap of six months respectively.

Declaration certificate

It is mandatory for the applicants to submit an official declaration that states that they do not own a car that is registered in their names.

Bank account details

Direct Benefit Transfer mode has been selected by the state government to ensure that the right candidates get the grant. Thus, the applicants need to provide documents, which highlight their bank account details.

How to Register Under YSR LAW Nestham Scheme

Portal based enrollment

All interested and eligible candidates will have to log in on the scheme website to apply for the benefits. We will update the portal details once the state government launches it.

Registration on the site

When the applicant lands on the main portal, he/she must activate the enrollment process.

Fill up the online form

It will trigger the website to bring up the link that will give the applicants access to the online registration form. The candidate needs to fill in the necessary details as mentioned in the digitized form.

Attach documents

 Scanned copies of the official documents need to be attached with the application form.

Form submission

Once the candidate completes these steps, he/she must click on the “Submit” button to register the request.

ID for each applicant

Successful registration triggers the scheme website to generate an ID for the applicant. The ID will come in handy for checking the status of the application.

FAQ about the project

  1. Will the senior lawyers or advocates be included in the scheme?

And: No. All layers and advocates who fall in the senior category will be barred from applying for this scheme.

  • Is there any facility for offline enrollment?

Ans: No. Only online registration will be considered valid.

  • Will I be able to apply for the grant if I own a bike?

Ans: Yes! If the junior lawyers and advocates have a bike, scooter or motor cycle, they can apply to attain the perks of this project.

  • What is the application process and is there an official portal for the scheme?

Ans: The state officials have announced that interested and eligible applicants will have to enroll via online registration mode. The state will soon launch a separate website for the convenience and enrollment of the applicants.

  • When will the state government implement the scheme officially?

Ans: The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has states that the official application of this project will be done on the 3rd of December 2019.

  • How much money will the beneficiaries attain as per this scheme?

Ans: The registered lawyers and advocates, who will be selected as the beneficiaries of this scheme will be entitled to acquire Rs. 5000.

Common people and the state government need the cooperation of the judicial system to tackle legal issues. It is the first welfare scheme that has been targeted announced for the lawyers and advocates in the region. The scheme paves the path for social and financial security for these individuals. It will also act as a potent step that will encourage the lawyers and advocates to put in more effort to ensure the smooth function of the state judiciary.

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