YSR Matsyakara Nestham Scheme In AP 2021

YSR Matsyakara Nestham Scheme In Andra Pradesh 2019-20 [Fishermen Welfare, Amount, Eligibility, Application Form, Documents, List ]

The current government of Andhra Pradesh is aiming at improving the condition of the people of Andhra Pradesh. This is the reason the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is launching schemes for the wellbeing of the people of the state. The YSR Matsyakara Nestham Scheme is for the betterment of the fishermen of the state. The southern part of India is known as hub of fishing; as a large quantity of fish is exported and imported from there. So, it is very important to prioritize the people who are behind the market. The scheme is targeted to the financial condition of the fishermen.

The launch detail of the scheme is given below in tabular form.

Name of the scheme YSR MatsyakaraNestham Scheme
Launch place Andhra Pradesh
Launched by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of announcement 2019
Date of impletation November, 2019
Occasion of launch World Fisheries Day
Supervised by Fisheries Department of Andhra Pradesh Government
Target people Fishermen of the state

YSR Matsyakara Nestham Scheme 2019 Full Details

Main objective of the scheme-

The primary objective of the scheme is uplift the financial condition of the fishermen of Andhra Pradesh. The scheme will work towards the development of the fishermen community so that they can continue their profession without having financial difficulties.

Financial help-

The scheme will provide financial help to the fishermen. According to the rules of the scheme, the fishermen will get financial assistance of 10,000 rupees in the off season. This help will help the fishermen to sustain in those days when season is favorable for fishing.

Monetary help to encourage in fishing-

It has been that there is a decline in the profession due to instability in the profession. For the growth of the fish the 60days a year fishing activity is restricted and that time the fishermen become penniless. Again the season starts from 15th April. The scheme has promised to provide financial help to the fishermen during the off season so that they can sustain. In order to conserve the fish the fishermen will get 4000 rupees as well.

Helping the catamaran users-

The scheme will offer help to the fishermen who use catamaran for fishing.

Subsidies to be given on diesel price-

The scheme will provide subsidy to the fishermen who use diesel in boat. For fishing in the middle of the sea fuel run boats are widely used and there are some fishermen cannot purchase fuel due to short of money. So the state government has decided to give 50% subsidy on diesel price.

Eligibility criteria For the Scheme

Resident of the state

As the scheme is only applicable for the fishermen who reside in Andhra Pradesh so it has been cleared by the government that fishermen from different state cannot apply for the scheme.

Registered fishermen-

In order to keep the scheme transparent the state will allow the fishermen who are registered under the fishermen’s association of Andhra Pradesh can avail the benefit of the scheme.

Fishermen only-

The scheme is designed to help the fishermen of Andhra Pradesh so only the people associated with fishing are only eligible for availing the scheme.

Bank accounts-

The scheme will transfer the money directly to the bank account so the fishermen having bank account can only apply for the scheme. The account needs to be personal and linked with Aadhar card.

Documents required

Residential proof-

As the scheme is applicable for residents of Andhra Pradesh so the interested candidates are needed to produce legal residential proof during the time application.

Proof of registration-

According to the rules of the scheme, the registered candidates is eligible to apply for the scheme; so, the candidates need to submit the registration certificate from the state fishery department.

Identity proof-

In order to get the benefit of the scheme the candidates need to submit the identity proof like Aadhar card, voter ID card, etc.

Registration of fishing boat-

The fishermen need to submit the registration of the boat. This is applicable for the fishermen who use boat for fishing.

Bank account details-

As the money will be credited directly to the bankaccount so the fishermen need to submit the personal bank account details. In order to do that the fishermen need to submit passbook, IFSC code, account number, mobile number that is linked with the account, etc.

How to apply for the scheme?

The scheme is recently launched so the government has not released the details of application. As soon as the details are out you will be updated. The application procedure will be supervised by the higher authority.

In conclusion it can be said that, people who live on fishing in the sea face struggles throughout the year. Some of them cannot deal with harsh situation due to lack of money and this is the reason Andhra Pradesh government has taken a step to offer financial help to the fishermen. The fishermen of the state are the back bone economy of the state and it is a responsibility of the government to look after them. With the implementation of the scheme it is believed that people whose livelihood is fishing will see a light of development.

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