YSR Nethanna Hastham Nestham Scheme 2022 In Andra Pradesh

YSR Nethanna Hastham Nestham Scheme 2020 In Andra Pradesh[Eligibility, Application Form, Financial Aid to handloom weavers, Documents, List, Portal, Helpline Number ]

The new Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister wants to provide financial and social security to the needy handloom wavers, living in the state. For this, the state government has announced the YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme. The welfare projects will offer an annual assistance grant to the handloom weavers. This article sheds light on the various aspects of the new scheme.

Name of the scheme YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of scheme announcement Oct 2020
Date of scheme implementation Dec 2020
Target scheme beneficiaries Handloom weavers of the region
Scheme supervision Andhra Pradesh Government
Official portal Not launched yet
Helpline details Not launched yet

YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme Full Details

Betterment of handloom weavers

The scheme will bring about a holistic change in the living standards of the traditional handloom weavers. They can use the money to acquire new tools and other necessary items.

Monetary assistance

All the eligible handloom weavers will be able to apply for the economic perks. It has been stated in the official scheme document that the beneficiaries will be entitled to acquire Rs. 24,000 every year.

Payment frequency

The Chief Minister of the state has highlighted that every selected beneficiary will get the promised sum each year, as per the implementation guidelines. 

Payment mode

As per the scheme guidelines, the applicants will attain the financial assistance in their bank accounts via the Direct Benefit Transfer mode.

Eligibility criteria for the applicants

Inhabitants of the state –

The state government will monitor and fund the implementation of this project. If any handloom weaver wants the grant money, then he has to be a legal Andhra Pradesh resident.

BPL candidates only –

The scheme guidelines also mention that only those weavers, who fall under the poverty line, will be given the benefits of this scheme.

Must be associated with weaving practices –

 It is mandatory for the applicants to be associated with the handloom weaving practices for earning their livelihood.

Certified member of the respective association –

The welfare scheme guidelines also highlight that all the applicants need to be certified members of the Andhra Pradesh Weavers Association.

Must have a bank account –

The Chief Minister wants the deserving candidates to attain the perks. He also wants to make the grant distribution highlight transparent. It has been stated that the applicant must have a bank account to get the financial assistance.

Documents necessary for application

Residential proof documents

Only the weavers who have the legal and permanent inhabitant certificate of Andhra Pradesh will acquire the permission to apply register for this project.

Aadhar card of the applicant

For assisting the government official to check the authenticity of the applicants, the submission of the Aadhar card has been made mandatory.

Certificate from the respective association

As the scheme only offers the benefits to the registered members of the community, the candidate need to attach a photocopy of the valid certificate that needs to be issued by the officials of the Weavers Association of Andhra Pradesh.

BPL certificate –

It has been mentioned in the scheme guidelines that every applicant needs to furnish a copy of his/her valid BPL certificate.

Account details of the applicant

The selected beneficiaries will acquire the financial grant in their bank accounts. So, they must attach the bank account number, branch code, address and the IFSC code along with the enrollment document.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

The welfare scheme for the handloom weavers have already been passed by the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet. It is only a matter of months before the implementation process starts. Apart from the scheme benefits and eligibility requirements, registration related details have been withheld by the authority. You will get the enrollment updates on our website when the state government makes pertinent official announcements.

The earlier state authorities did not pay much attention to the guarantee the social and financial security of the members of this marginalized community. The current state government is hell bent on improving the economic status of the handloom weavers. The operation of the scheme and the financial benefits will help the overall betterment of the traditional handloom weavers in the state.

AP YSR Nethanna Hastham scheme will mainly benefit the people?

 Ans- AP YSR Nethanna Hastham Yojana was started to provide benefits to the handloom weavers present in Andhra Pradesh.  This scheme will benefit 85,000 weavers present in Andhra Pradesh.

AP YSR Nethanna Hastham How much can the beneficiaries get?

 Ans- Andhra Pradesh State Government AP YSR scheme will provide financial assistance of 24000 rs per year to the beneficiaries who have filled the application.  Handloom weavers whose name will be included in this beneficiary list will be provided this amount by the government.

AP YSR Nethanna Hastham Scheme has been announced by which government?

 Ans- AP YSR Nethanna Hastham scheme was announced by the present Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jaganmohan Reddy.  The main objective of this scheme announced by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is to provide financial assistance to the handloom weavers.

If a person is from Telangana, can he fill the application in AP YSR Nethanna Hastham Yojana?

 Ans- No, this scheme has been implemented only for handloom weavers residing in Andhra Pradesh, so it is mandatory for the beneficiary to be resident of Andhra Pradesh to fill the application in this scheme.

Should the beneficiary also be associated with AP State Handloom Associations to avail benefits under this scheme?

Yes, it is mandatory to join the weavers of Andhra Pradesh with the State Handloom Association to get the benefit of AP YSR Nethanna Hastham Yojana.

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