YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme In AP 2021

YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme In Andhra Pradesh 2019-20 [Eligibility, Online Application form Process, Pension Amount, Search Check Name. Portal and Helpline Number]

Providing financial and social security to the poor people of Andhra Pradesh was one of the promises that the current CM made before the elections. He has launched a new pension scheme to keep his promise. Under the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme, the financially susceptible members of the society will acquire monthly pension that will be sponsored by the state authority.

YSR Pension Kanuka in AP
Name of the welfare scheme YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Project announcement date May 2019
Scheme launch date June 2019
Application ends on 30th May
Target beneficiaries of the project Poor and helpless individuals in the state
Scheme portal link https://sspensions.ap.gov.in/
Contact ID ysrpensionkanuka@gmail.com
Helpline number 0866 – 2410017

YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme In Andhra Pradesh 2019 Details

Offers financial and social security

The objective of the Andhra Pradesh government is to offer economic security for the vulnerable people. Regular pension in the bank account can help these people to pay for the necessary amenities.

Security in the form of a pension

Money is necessary for leading a normal life. Thus, scheme beneficiaries will acquire financial grant in the form of a pension.

Pension amount

At the beginning of the scheme declaration, the state authority said that the beneficiaries will be gives Rs. 2250 each. Before the official implementation, the Chief Minister took the decision to boost the sum to Rs. 3000.

Pension payment frequency

As mentioned in the welfare scheme draft, every beneficiary will receive the pension amount on a monthly basis.

Selected payment mode

The benefit distribution require transparency. For this, Direct Benefit Transfer is the pension payment mode that has been selected by the authority.

Financial assistance for medical bill payments

The Chief Minister realizes that the medical expenses are beyond the budget of the poor and disables applicants. To assist the beneficiaries of the pension scheme, he has highlights that soon the scheme rules will be revised, and medical assistance of Rs. 10,000 will be offered to the sick beneficiaries.

Rural and urban applicants

The implementation of the welfare pension scheme for the selected groups will be done in a pan-state basis. Thus, individuals who reside in the remote rural locations as well as those living in the cities will be able to acquire the pension perks.

Eligibility criteria for registration

For Andhra Pradesh residents only

It is the responsibility of the state government to offer the benefits and monitor the perk distribution process. Thus, the scheme is only applicable for legal inhabitants of Andhra Pradesh.

For EWS and BPL candidates only

The pension scheme will only consider the application of the individuals, which either belong to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) or fall Below Poverty Line (BPL).

Age criterion

Only those elderly applicants can register for the old age pension that fall in the 60 years and above age category. 

Application open for weavers

The Chief Minister has also said in his official speech that the certified weavers will get the pension money from the state government.

Toddy tappers can enroll

The official draft of this welfare scheme sheds light on the fact that the registered toddy tappers will also be allowed to partake in in the pension project.

Facility reserved for widows

 If a woman has lost her husband, and has no alternative source of income, she will be permitted to become a beneficiary of this project.

Handicaps can apply for the perks

The perks of this scheme will also be available for those who are registered mental or physical invalids.

Access to bank accounts

As the grant transfer will be done from the state coffers to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries via DBT, every interested applicant must have an active

Documents necessary for enrollment

Residential proof documents

It is essential for the pension seekers to possess and product copies of legal and permanent residency proofs to get acquire the welfare scheme benefits.

Aadhra card of the applicant

 If any applicant wants to cement his/her position on the beneficiary list, he/she must offer a copy of the Aadhar card.

Age proof for senior applicants

Due to the age criterion for the aged applicants, they must submit a copy of the age proof document.

BPL certificate

If the applicant falls under the poverty level, then the production of the BPL certificate copy is a must to become a beneficiary.

EWS certificate

 If the applicant belongs to financially weaker sections, then he/she must submit their EWS certificates, which must have the seal of the state government.

Weavers Association certificate

It is mandatory for the weavers to submit a copy of the authorized state Weavers Association membership certificate.

Toddy Tappers Association certificate

Only those toddy tappers, who will be able to produce a copy of the certificate, issued by state Toddy Tappers Association will attain the pension perks.

Physical disability certificate

In case the applicant wants to opt under the physical disability clause, then the submission of the disability confirmation certificate is a must with the registration form.

Husband’s death certificate

In case the applicant wants to apply for the widow pension, then the candidate needs to submit a death certificate of the husband, issued by Gram Panchayat or Municipal office.

Bank account details

Along with the other documents, the applicant needs to submit a copy of a suitable document that offers the bank and branch name, address, account number, branch code and IFSC code.

How to activate the application process?

The Chief Minister has mentioned that all applicants will have to apply for the pension via online registration process. However, work in still in progress to develop the digitized application form. You will acquire the online registration related updates as soon as the portal is launched by the state. In the meantime, eligible and interested applicants will get the opportunity to collect enrollment forms from either the Mandal Parishad Development office or Gram Panchayat office. If the applicant lives in any city, then the Municipal office will provide the necessary form.

Post-application log in procedure

  1. Once the enrollment process has been initiated, the candidates need to log in on the portal that has been launched for the scheme.
  2. Clicking on the link link gives applicants this access.
  3. On the main website, there is a “log in” option. Every interested applicant needs to click on this button.
  4. As soon as the applicant clicks here, he/she will land on a different page.
  5. Here too, there is a similar button that offers the applicants access to the scheme details, complaint posting section and other related facilities.

How to check the application status?

  1. After the application and form fill-up is complete; the candidates can check whether their names have been entered in the beneficiary list.
  2. For this, they need not go to any office. All they have to do is click on the link https://sspensions.ap.gov.in/searchpensionStatus.do.
  3. By clicking on this page, they will land on the portal page that will allow them to check the status of the application that they submitted.
  4. When the page opens, the candidates must click on the option that is marked as “Pension ID.”
  5. Applicants will also be able to check the status of their grievance. For this, they need to click on the option that is marked as “Grievance ID.”
  6. When any applicant clicks on the option, an information box appears on the computer screen.
  7. The applicants need to type in the correct ID in the particular field.
  8. Then they must click on the “Go” option.
  9. It triggers the official portal to check the database against the entered ID. When a match is found, the application or grievance status will be flashed on the computer screen.

Youngsters possess the physical ability to engage in some work that offers them a regular payment. As they become old, this capability decreases significantly. If the aged or middle-aged individual is physically or mentally invalid, then they do not get employment opportunities. The implementation of this scheme offer a regular income source. The beneficiaries can maintain a normal lifestyle with the financial assistance from the state government. Thus, they will not have to depend on other people for economic help.

Que-What is YSR Pension Kanuka?

Ans- Pension schemes started in Andhra Pradesh have been given a collective name known as YSR Pension Kanuka.  At present, some important changes have been made by the government within all the existing pension schemes.

Que- How many pension types are included in this scheme by the Government of Andhra Pradesh?

 Ans- About 12 types of pension have been included in this group by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.  Mainly in this list old age pension, weaver pension, widow pension, handicapped pension, toddy pension, transgender pension, fishermen pension, single women pension, CKDU pension, traditional cobbler pension, dappu artist pension, etc. are included.

Que- What is the contact in case of complaints or questions related to this scheme?

Ans- To get information related to any complaint or question related to this scheme, you can call 0866 241 0017, or you can ask your questions by emailing ysrpensionkanuka@gmail.com and also register your complaint.

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